Branding your business online the right way

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Branding your business online the right way

When you start your journey online, you probably don't think that you need to focus on branding as much as you need to focus on lead generation.  Branding is what gets people to trust you and make a purchase without doing much research before they open up their wallets.  If you want to be seen as an authority within your niche and industry, proper branding goes a long way.  Branding doesn't just happen overnight, so don't get worried if your sales don't start to increase 10 minutes after you start pushing your brand as the best there is online lol.

Branding takes some finesse but a strong ambition at the same time.  You need to constantly be branding your website and business but you can't be too adamant about what you're trying to do.  If you want to do it right, you need to brand yourself as a high quality website and business that doesn't force products and services down the consumers throats.  If you're seen as pushy or arrogant, you won't last long in your industry usually, unless you're in an industry that revolves around arrogant people haha. 

In this discussion I'll be going over how you can easily do your own branding without breaking the bank.

Using your own content for branding purposes
Your content is usually the first thing people see when they come to your website.  Sure, you could have a bunch of fancy images on your website, but those only go so far in terms of branding, so you will need a lot of high quality content ready for anyone to read through. 

Your content doesn't have to just be your blog posts either, it can come in the form of your "about us" page and your mission statement if you make it live for anyone to read.  People will see how you write, and if they see you're not a robot, they will trust you more than most of your competitors.  If your readers can relate to you and your writing, they will usually stick around for a while and even share some of your posts for others to read.

Using your content for branding purposes is nothing new, you just have to post frequently so more and more people can find you and read whatever they can find on your pages Branding your business online the right way

Using social media
Social media is only getting bigger each year, so using it for your own branding purposes is a great thing to do.  If you're taking things seriously, you've already made your social media profiles for everyone to find you on all the major platforms out there such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  Obviously you won't be able to, or need to, set up profiles on every platform out there because new ones pop up all the time, but that's not a big deal at all.

What you can do is cross post your blog content to every social media platform you're registered on.  Be sure to have custom titles for each of your social media posts in order to have the best engagement possible, and also for testing purposes Branding your business online the right way

Using PPC campaigns
Using a pay per click (PPC) campaign can bring in a lot of targeted traffic that may not have seen your social media posts to your profiles, which is a great thing to utilize.  PPC campaigns can be fairly cheap if done right, so be sure to do plenty of research on how to decrease your cost per click and actually get more clicks for the same amount of money Branding your business online the right way 

PPC campaigns are great because you can get super targeted and only bring in people that will for sure love your content.  This means you will increase your engagement possibility since everyone who gets to your website will likely have friends or family members in the same field who would love to read what they just did.

There are various PPC platforms to use but the main ones are Facebook, BingAds, and Adwords.  Each of these has their own benefits, but Facebook will likely be the one that will work best for you if you're trying to brand yourself.  BingAds and Adwords are great to increase sales, but they're not the best for branding compared to Facebook ads.

I like using Facebook's PPC platform for branding because I can build a community at the same time as I'm branding my own websites.  It's like a one two combo, but in a good way Branding your business online the right way

Using your lists
If you're not building an email list through your blog, you probably should start doing that right away.  Email lists have an extremely high conversion rate because the people who signed up for your newsletters actually want to hear what you have going on or what you're recently written about.

Not utilizing your email list is like having a stack of money that you use for a bed, it just doesn't make sense.  You can send out multiple emails every month to people who want them, and they will usually come to your new blog posts or product pages and share what you have for everyone, which is great Branding your business online the right way

Using Influencers
Utilizing the power of a big influencer is a great thing to do and it's only getting more main stream as the years go on.  An influencer has done all the hard work of building up an audience, and you're walking in at the right time to give them a few bucks to publish your content to that same audience.

Most niches have incluencers, you just need to know how to find them.  I like doing a basic search and figuring out who has the most followers as well as engagement.  Just because an influencer has 1,000,000 followers doesn't make them the best option for me.  I usually go with the 100,000 follower influencer because they tend to have much more engagement and I don't have to pay nearly as much Branding your business online the right way

I say to use influencers for your branding because you're getting your name in front of thousands of people every day, and that's basically what branding is all about Branding your business online the right way  Of course, you'll have to work with the influencer multiple times before people begin to remember your website and business, but that's normal.

Using guest posts
This isn't the newest form of brand building, but it's still one of the easier and better ways to get the word out about your business and website.  Guest posting is similar to using influencers to publish your content, except with guest posts you're publishing long articles for everyone to read and they usually stay for live on the owners blog, unlike social media influencers who usually take down your posts after a few hours or a day.

Guest posting not only helps out your branding, it helps out your SEO because you can get backlinks in with your content on their websites and blogs. 

In Conclusion
Branding takes a while to do, so don't get worried if it's not working overnight.  You need to be diligent and keep working on your branding every single week without taking any time off.  Sure, it's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it over time and you will thank yourself when you finally see all of your hard work paying off Branding your business online the right way

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interesting, and made some valid points

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All of your advice is rock solid. PPC campaigning and eMail list building are two tasks which are TBA (to be accomplished). Right now I feel it's best to aim at Influencer marketing; which is something I am trying to do.

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I have to ask you, how does one become a good influencer marketing? And how does one incorporate this in his business and target market when your business is just small scale? I am curious as to how to realy build it. Thank you for your response. Branding your business online the right way

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I am exploring it because I received some info via eMail about it.

Razzy is better qualified to answer this question.

See link to his article below,

Why influencer marketing is all the rage right now

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Branding a business is a great way to create the necessary awareness that would let people know about the business to identify and help the business to grow by patronizing it.Business branding needs having social media accounts to get to many people as possible and it needs active account and not just accounts that are inactive and of course, another great way is using influencers.They'll be the backbone of the business.They'll help lift the brand through influencing others.

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As usual, it is the social media that we need to use for a quicker way of building the branding of the business. I am not an expert on the subject but based on what I had read about brand building is the reputation that you are establishing among the people in your network. When in Facebook, avoid posting nonsensical items so that your image will remain respectable otherwise it may ruin your brand.

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Great and share and probably this very helpful and interesting indeed, I do have this plan of starting or making a business printing t-shirt or more like starting my own street wear brand, but I actually don't know where to start. But I did find the idea of whether starting from promoting it first on social medias before releasing it to the public to know whether they would cop it or not. And I would say that social medias are probably a big part of making your brand more successive or can be more seen from people all over the world.

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I agree a lot with using your own content as much as possible to make your brand more unique. I have been to a lot of startup sites and the about us page is really where I go to and I think many people underestimate that. I like seeing something very personal and unique written about the site or company when I read through that particular part of the site and I also like it when the description is brief but complete enough to give me a broad picture of what the company is about and there really is no substitute for that other than sincerity and the ability to communicate that as well as possible in my opinion.

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As I had said time and again, social media is the most potent avenue for marketing. Branding your business. Whether it is a website or a blog, you can promote it regularly in social media and more likely you will receive a positive reaction from your network. But you have to be creative in your promotional spiels so people will not tag you as a spammer in social media. I have friends who relentlessly post about their business like 5 times in a day. That’s clearly spamming.

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I am yet to start a PPC campaign. I understand the importance of PPC campaign, however, I have been sidelining it because of lack of budget. I also understand the importance of list building for email marketing. I have a list of 200 subscribers, the engagement was so low that I had to stop email marketing campaign. I am looking for the ways to get subscribers who are genuinely interested in my topics.

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