Successful business owners don't chase success, they make it

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Successful business owners don't chase success, they make it

You can't be successful with unreasonable goals that you're just chasing down for years or decades.  Write down reasonable long-term goals and add a few years to them.  No successful business owner has chased down their success, they built it over years of hard work and knew what they were doing while they were doing it.  A successful person doesn't chase success or a dream, they make it and become the authority in their fields.

If you're following someone's guide step by step on how THEY became successful, you'll likely fail and say the system doesn't work.  That's complete garbage and you know it, you failed because you chased what someone else was doing and you didn't focus on your own thing.  Sure, you can read all these success stories and figure out what they did, but you should never follow in their exact footsteps to try and be successful.  You need to put your own spin on things and carve out your own piece of the pie that doesn't have 1,000 other people trying to eat it lol.

Push yourself, within reason
You will always want to work until you're successful, which is what the millionaires before you have done for years to get where they are at today.  You need to push yourself within reason so you don't burn out too quickly and never want to do what you're currently doing.  You won't be the best at what you're doing right when you start, do you think people are the best at what they do because they tried once?  No, they put thousands of hours into their craft before everyone starts to recognize.

You don't need to work 20+ hours a day in order to be successful, you can actually become less successful if you do this.  If you're overworking yourself, you're going to be drained the next day and be even less productive because you want to sleep all day long.  Push yourself to your limit, then go to bed and repeat the process the next day. 

Don't overwork yourself to make an extra $10
I've written discussions about how you should treat your $10 clients like they're $10,000 clients because they actually could be.  This isn't part of that discussion, and it doesn't relate to it, mainly because you can always talk to that $10 client the next day and still catch a whale Successful business owners don

If you overwork yourself, you'll burn out, which basically means you won't want to do what you're doing for a long time.  People do affiliate marketing, run a service, or produce a product all the time online but the majority of them get burned out and eventually start to fail because they're not dedicated to it anymore.  If you made $1,000 today, you wouldn't care if you made another $10 by working an extra 3 hours.  Don't chase profits, just build something worth peoples time and they will always come to you even if you're not online at the moment.

Create your own path and watch yourself become successful slowly
I mentioned above how you shouldn't chase others, you should create your own path, and that is because you don't want to be seen as a copycat.  Carve out your own name on the wall of successful people in your industry and always get referrals simply from the power of your name.  You can do this in every niche, even affiliate marketing where you send people to other businesses and make a commission.  Ever heard of ShoeMoney?  Well, he was a massive affiliate and put his name on the map because he did his own thing and got extremely good at it.  Be a person like him, don't be him, and get out there to make people know your name.

Have a unique product, service, or point of view compared to your competition
If you're not unique, someone can undercut your pricing, which means you won't become the professional in your field.  If you're a web designer, have your own style of design that people will notice.  If you're a programmer, code up some stuff that stands out and gets recognition.  If you're a marketer or SEO, get a website ranked and on the first page for a keyword, everyone is always searching and get noticed right away.

If you can be unique, you will stand out, and that's a good thing.

In conclusion
If you want to be successful, you need to stop chasing it and make it for yourself.  Use your own imagination to produce the best product or service and people will begin to gravitate towards you if it truly is the best in the field.  You need to push yourself but know when to call it a day so you don't get overworked.  If you burn out too quickly, you'll become distant to your service or business and that's not how you become successful. 

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