Focus on the now so you don't mess up the future

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Focus on the now so you don't mess up the future

Recently I kept worrying about how I was going to make enough money to start pushing my physical product website and business that isn't in production just yet.  I was worried about where I was going to get the best materials for my product and how cheap I can actually get them for if I were to purchase in bulk.  I was contacting manufacturers and building up a business plan to act on when I eventually started going forward with this.  After a few weeks of this, I quickly realized that my current work was slacking and I was too focused on what was not making me money and my sales were getting lower day by day.  If I kept going through this process I would have been broke fairly quickly and I wouldn't be able to push my physical product at all because I would have no money at all.

If you focus too much on what you want to do later, you will likely mess up what you're currently working on that is making you money.  In this discussion, I'll be going over a few things you need to think about if you're currently focusing too much on the future and not the now, and they are:

Work today on what is working for you
You need to remember what made you your first dollar and what will always bring in cash flow.  If you're getting complacent and think the money will keep flowing if you're not paying attention to it, you're wrong, and you need to nurture each revenue stream now and work on projects later when everything on your plate is already finished.

I'm a humble person but I want to be wealthy at the same time.  My own mind contradicts itself because I'd be happy with a 1 bedroom house to live in as long as I didn't have to worry about bills, but on the other hand, I want a huge plot of land with a nice house on it.  I came to the realization that you need to stay humble, stick with what is working right now and build it up as much as you can.  It's sort of like not forgetting where you came from Focus on the now so you don

Don't focus on your goals all of the time
When you're always focused on your goals you could likely get sidetracked by something that isn't going to work for you.  Many of us do this and we don't even know it, we'll have a goal in mind and start to stray in the wrong direction because we get distracted.  We think "This should help us out with the current business!" and then you realize you're reading a dog blog to figure out how to build a dog walking company and your main company is content writing.  You can always have a great dog walking company, but that's not making you money right now, so you need to focus on the current business that is!

Change your goals as your business flows
When I say you shouldn't focus on your goals all of the time, I'm not saying you should ignore them completely.  You should always think of where you want to be, but don't push yourself towards death just to get there, because you'll burn out.  Instead, be flexible with your goals and go with the flow of your business and change little things within your goals as the game changes.  This is why many people set profit goals because that's what we're all trying to do, make money.  Someone will say "My goal is to make $100,000 this year" and their process to get to that goal is always evolving.  If you focus on the evolution and fight when you need to change, you'll fail.

Don't be afraid of change when it comes to building a business.  Change is actually a good thing when it comes to working online or in a brick and mortar store (usually) because you can not take advantage of something new and make more money.

Bootstrap as much as possible
Don't spend your money before you make it.  This means you shouldn't have your eyes on a $2,000 website designer because you want to get a new website up and running for a new income stream you had in mind.  Instead, push that $2,000 into your current business model and build it up as much as possible and THEN put even more money into your next business idea.

If you see your profits as money that belongs to your company and not yourself, you'll be able to let it go easier and boost your business much quicker.  This is something I try to explain to entrepreneurs out there, and most don't grasp the idea tightly, but the ones who do usually succeed in a much shorter timeframe.

In conclusion
If you're focusing on what's working now, you won't have to worry about the future, and you will likely be able to fund any new idea you have.  You can't get sidetracked, discouraged, or lazy because those are business killing habits.  You may owe people money, you might not see your kids as often as you'd like, you may work long hours, but in the end, it will always improve if you focus on why you're doing it.  Stick with what's making you money and you will be able to build 2, 3, or 5+ income streams that keep you out of a 9 to 5 job Focus on the now so you don

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Very helpful article! Thank you for writing this!

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Thanks for airing this lots of information here
Kind regards
Steve Simmonds

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Recently I started to lose track of what was working for me because I was launching a new website and business. I wasn't paying attention too much to what was working and my profits started to slip because I was investing in my new business and trying to build it up.

Luckily, I saw what was happening before it got too out of control and corrected my actions. I'm now back on track, automated some things for my new website and business that were taking a decent amount of time, and now I should be able to build that new site over time and keep my profits up with what was already working for me Focus on the now so you don

Don't lose track of what you're doing or you will get lost and you could lose everything. My situation wasn't close enough to go bust, but if I didn't catch it in time I would have lost a lot more than I wanted to over the next month or two.

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