Why a coding school graduate tends to be a great hire for your company

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Why a coding school graduate tends to be a great hire for your company

Many times I've written about how you can hire someone without a degree, with 15 years of experience, and have someone that can run circles around a new graduate out of college.  I've never written about why you should consider hiring a coding school graduate to work for your company, so I thought it was time for this type of discussion Why a coding school graduate tends to be a great hire for your company

Hiring a newly graduated college student to work on your design or scripting can actually be a good thing for various reasons.  The can bring a younger point of view into your company, they bring in some diversity, they are eager as well as dedicated, they are willing to take some risks, and above all, they are loyal to your company for giving them a chance.  Below I'll cover most of those points Why a coding school graduate tends to be a great hire for your company

They bring diversity into your business
When hiring a newly graduated coding student, you're bringing in a younger generation who is cutting their teeth in the industry, and they will boost the diversity within your employee pool since they're younger and see things from a different perspective.

You can hire programmers with 15 years of experience, but they're usually older people that have been working for companies all over the world, or they're so used to being a freelancer that they don't work well with teams.  A younger person, someone with much less experience can be molded to fit your business much easier than a more experienced person, which is a good reason to hire young talent and keep them around for a while.

They're eager and dedicated
Someone just out of school might have wracked up a lot of debt from school bills and tuition, so they're eager to work and pay that off in order to get a new car or house later on.  They'll be dedicated to your business, work long hours, and always help you out with what you need to be done because they need the money.

They can get a promotion if they just put in the time, and they know this, so they will dedicate themselves to the company and try to make it better than it currently is.

They're willing to take risks on something
Younger programmers haven't established themselves in the world of design or marketing so they're more willing to take chances.  They likely have a bunch of ideas in their head but lack the funding, so they are a great source of ideas for your next project that you can have them lead.

They will take the risks, program the scripts, design the code, and do anything that needs to be done in order to be successful.  You might not be able to do all of these things because you're set in your ways or you can't risk your company like that, so this is one of the better reasons to bring on young talent.

They're loyal to your company
When you hire someone right out of college or university, they will be loyal to your company because you may have been the only one that gave them a chance.  I have a friend who applied to 20 companies and only got accepted to work with one of them, and he has been there for 10 years and always talks about how they were the only ones who gave him a chance, and now he makes $250,000 a year since he got in early and stayed loyal to the company.

In conclusion
I always think that hiring a seasoned veteran who's been working instead of learning at college is better than hiring someone right out of college, but that's just my point of view since I don't have a degree and I'm biased lol.  Hiring a freshly graduated college student has many benefits, such as company loyalty and dedication because you gave them a chance, and they will likely take some risks that you can't in order to push the business towards better success Why a coding school graduate tends to be a great hire for your company

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1. Coding school grads bring diversity into your company.Research has proven time and time again that companies with high employee diversity tend to perform better than those that do not. Coding schools attract people from all walks of life, gender and ethnicity aside. Stay-at-home moms looking to re-enter the workforce, 20-somethings who never finished school and adults looking to try a new career are common in coding school graduating classes. Diversity -- of background, thought and skills -- is fundamental to success for any business.2. Coding school grads are eager to learn and take risks.Students learning code essentially put their lives on hold for three to six months to learn an entirely new skill. When students emerge on the other side as graduates, they are hungry for projects that allow them to continue honing their skills. Thus, coding school grads are also quite teachable. Any business leader who has dealt with an unteachable person knows the value of an employee that takes feedback in stride.Related: Why Your Startup's First Hires Need to Be WomenIn the same vein, coding school grads are willing to take risks. For businesses solving complex problems with technology, risk-takers are essential members of the team. Coding school grads' dogged pursuit of learning and proclivity for trying new things make them excellent employees.3. Coding school grads will champion your company.Many coding schools teach students the soft skills to succeed in business along with code. From handling networking events to answering interview questions, many coding school students emerge as polished professionals. Having learned to "walk the walk and talk the talk," grads will represent your business well to their networks.

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