You shouldn't ditch your website if it's not profitable right away

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You shouldn't ditch your website if it's not profitable right away

It gets pretty annoying when I see people set up a website and they throw it away after a week of not generating sales.  This just shows me they aren't going to be happy with anything unless they're making an extra $1,000 a day from a website they just set up.  They won't do the work it takes in order to make something successful, and that means they'll just complain about it later on, but what they should really be doing is treating each website like it's the only thing they have going for them.

Throwing away a website after just a week, or even a month, of no sales coming in means you are doing something wrong.  It's not the niche, it's not the website, it's you screwing something up or you might just not have the drive it takes to actually work online.

Now, if you do push yourself to get that next sale or the next 10 sales, you may be one of the people who know it takes a lot of work to make money online, and I applaud you for your dedication You shouldn  You probably know that a website doesn't always make a bunch of money right away because it has to build trust, authority, and age before people start to open up their wallets.  You likely know that the first few people purchasing from you are mavericks and try new things, which will always help you when it comes to sales, but these people can also make or break your business and they need to be treated well.

Making money takes time, even if you're experienced
I've been working online since 2003 and I still don't know all the secrets.  I may know a ton about online marketing and how to make a website profitable, but even I screw up when launching a website and thinking it will make $X,XXX it's first month when it really only makes $12 lol You shouldn

Just like you, I tend to hype myself up about a niche and then it comes to be more difficult to rank in, then I get a little discouraged and want to quit but I push myself through those times because I know there's something waiting for me.  If you didn't catch that, the "Something" is profits You shouldn

You need to build relationships with people over time
If you just launched, you likely won't get a lot of sales from people who are trying to research you prior to making a purchase.  Most people will look you up to see if someone is complaining about your services, products, customer support, or basically anything negative they can find online.  If you don't have anyone talking about you online, that's just as bad as have 100 negative reviews, and this is because they aren't sure if they can trust you or not.  It's just like a credit score, have no credit is just as bad as having bad credit because no one can determine how you'll use a credit card they issue to you.

Build some trust, ask for some reviews if the customer really did love your services or products, and do this until you don't have to anymore You shouldn  Well, you should always ask for reviews from customers you know for sure are happy because this will just boost your business a little bit each time You shouldn

Run your website like it's the only thing you have left
People tend to look at their websites like pop up tents that can be taken down whenever they want in order to start over somewhere else.  You need to establish your website and never abandon it, even if you're going through rough times because your hard work will eventually pay off in the end.

I've gone through hard times in the past, but I never stopped working on my websites, and now I have a few stable income streams from sites that I thought weren't going to make it soon after launching You shouldn

Profits will come in gradually and increase over time.
Even if your friend is making $10,000 a month in the dog niche, it doesn't mean you will too right away, but that doesn't mean you should stop after your first week of no profits.  You know people are making money online in a certain niche, but you want to stop when it gets tough, and that shows me that you should have never started in the first place. 

Working online is one of the few places where you get to promote yourself.  You start out with one website, open up a second, maybe open up a third, and all of your work compiles on top of itself.  The work you put in 6 months ago might still be sending you traffic and sales, which means the more you put into your websites, the more you will profit over time You shouldn

In conclusion
You should never think you're going to be rich when launching just one website because that rarely ever happens.  You're not going to be the next Facebook or Apple, so don't try to rival them on your first attempt.  Instead, start off small and get into a niche that doesn't have a ton of competition.  Work that niche until you're the main company in it, then branch out into a similar niche and start to funnel traffic over there from your first website.  If you can do this a few times, your work will compile onto itself and make you much more successful than setting up 20 different websites and spreading yourself too thin and getting annoyed that you're only making $12 a month You shouldn

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In order to excel in Business you need about 2 years to make it happen.
And that with a proper input and expenses. People nowadays don't want to spend a dime.
And have all the best services for them done free of charge. How can that be?

Its plainly ridiculous.

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wow i loved reading this, it really gave me motivation!

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