The Importance of Editing

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The Importance of Editing

We have all done it written a killer article for a blog or for a customer's website, hit publish only to discover you have made a mess of your editing.
What methods do you use to ensure that this does not happen to you and what importance do you place on this part of your writing?


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Make sure you use something like grammarly to sense check your work as well before posting.

Getting a pair of fresh eyes to have a look at it for editing, conciseness and messaging is also very efficient.

If you've spent a while trying to forge your masterpiece you lose sight of the trees for wood.

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If you are one who will be editing and proofreading everything, once you finish the article, the best thing that you can do is step away from the work for sometime. For example, if you just finished the project late at night, I would recommend getting some rest before editing and proofreading the project in the am. It's amazing the little things that you'll find after a little rest and relaxation. Obviously, to get to this point, you'll have to manage your time efficiently and allow enough time at the end of your project to do this.

I would not write the article using the blog editor. I would first write the article using Microsoft Word. Depending on your writing style, Word does a great job of flushing out spelling and grammar issues that the blog editor may overlook. With that being said the blog editor is STILL important.

I would then copy and paste that document into the blog editor, preferably WP using Yoast (as someone mentioned). Depending on the type of content (SEO, etc.) that your client is looking for, Yoast will help with keyword usage, readability scores, structure and more. At this point, I would then make my final edits and have the article ready for publishing.

Finally, as I stated above, I would take a few hours away from the article/project and come back to it with my head clear and a fresh outlook. I'll then do a final review and make any edits if necessary.

I know that this way has a few extra steps, but it's important to note that every project that you do will be a representation of your body of work. So, it's important to get it right every time.

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I was lucky and got a Grammarly premium membership for $40 and use it every single day lol The Importance of Editing

Other than that, you just have to be careful and proofread everything before you publish. If you publish and you notice something is a little off, it's not a big deal, just go back and edit it before someone calls you out The Importance of Editing I've published plenty of discussions here and noticed little things that were off, then I edited them right away, and no one was the wiser lol.

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Imho... based on blogspot, wp or joomla.. this is what I did:
1. Write your article in notepad or my preferable app is notepad ++
2. Copy and paste that to your blogging editor.
3. Edit accordingly.

Yup sound is easy but sometime it gives you headache lol.
Why I used notepad rather winword for example. Sometime winword has has so many hidden codes when you copied and paste to your blog's editor while notepad plain text.
Sure its importance to.have our article has nice look. First impression rlly important. Good article but you represent it in bored long sentences will make our reader bored and tired too.
For those who uses wp as their blogging site, you are lucky. Yoast did a good job to give you insight how readable ur article is.


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Many Thanks for the info

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