my status says late deliver, what do i do?

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my status says late deliver, what do i do?

A seller has not delivered on time, my status is saying late delivery. Do i get a refund? does the seller get extra time to give me the service am paying for? what do i do to get situation resolve?


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contact seller or administrator to resolve this issue

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Give the seller an opportunity to deliver. Contact them first to see what's going on. While there's no excuse for failing to deliver work on time, the seller may have extenuating circumstances. It's always advised to handle disputes via simple communication between parties before escalating.

Here is some info from the SEOClerks Terms of Service:
11. Refunds
At Ionicware we want you to be satisfied with any Seller Services offered via the Platform. All Orders made by a user shall only be refunded if such Order has not been fulfilled by a Seller. Before any Order can be refunded for any Seller Services, the user must first attempt to contact the Seller. If the Seller fails to respond or does not deliver the Order as promised to the user, the user may then initiate a refund request by contacting Ionicware. Please be aware that refunds can only be given for unfulfilled orders and no refunds will be issued for any other reason. All refunds are issued at the sole discretion of Ionicware. If you wish to request a refund or have an issue with any account billing, please contact us a

13. Seller and User Disputes
In the event of a dispute between Seller and user, Seller and user agree to attempt to settle the dispute amicably and in good faith by contacting each other and attempting resolve such a dispute. If such dispute cannot be settled, Seller or user may contact Ionicware. Ionicware, at its discretion, may assist in settling the dispute. In the event that Ionicware assists in any dispute resolution, Seller and user agree to accept such resolution as resolved, binding, and final. This section does not obligate Ionicware to settle disputes between any users and any Sellers and all users agree that Ionicware is not a party to any such disputes.

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SEO Clerk Has a Option If Seller is not Deliver your work on time SEO Clerk Deducting 20% extra Charges after Some period. So, If Seller want to save his more Profit he need to Deliver order on time otherwise he looses his 20% Profit. Or At last he got only 20 cents.
If He delay More I mean in many Days even he is not responding your Massages you must need to Contact with Customer Support. They can resolve your Issue with 12 Hours.
Very Highly Responsive & User Friendly Seo Clerk Support

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You can request your buyer to increase the delivery time

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