How to promote an affiliate link through Adwords

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How to promote an affiliate link through Adwords

When you start with affiliate marketing, you'll probably think "I can just set up an Adwords campaign and promote my affiliate URL to make money!" but that's not the case.  You can't promote affiliate links through Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads because they only want people promoting websites that they own.  This means you can't promote an affiliate link through Adwords or other PPC platforms, but there's a workaround and I've been using it for a while now!

What You'll Need:

1 Website - $10 to $100 (including domain)
1 Email Service (MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, etc.) - Free at first
1 Free Offer - Free
1 Phone Number - $10 Burn Phone
1 Address - Your Address or P.O. Box from UPS - Free to $60
1 Contact Form - Free
1 Live Chat system - Free (use

Total Investment = $20 to $160

What you'll want to think of before starting is if you've already been flagged in the Adwords system.  Has your computer been tracked and does Google know your IP address?  Does Google know your business name, actual name, have they suspended one of your accounts in the past, etc.?  You need to be as anonymous as possible if you've already been suspended once, but if not then use your account, and let's get started!

Your Website
Set up your website and be sure it has the proper pages on it, such as a homepage, a contact page, a TOS page, a Privacy Policy Page, a Blog, some sub-pages, and some content pages. 

You'll need these pages starting because Google wants to see if you're real or not.  You'll want to add your phone number on the site, add the contact page, add your address, add live chat, and add your Free offer to the homepage and sub-pages but don't make it the focal point.

Now that you have a basic setup you'll want to link your MailChimp (or other 3rd party email service) to your free offer and be sure it's an "Instant Download" or anything that takes a few seconds before the person gets your offer.  The shorter the timeframe, the more signups you'll get, and that means you'll have more people to pitch your affiliate links to!

So what do you have now?  You have a website that should be filled with great content talking about your service or business, and there is a "Free Offer" tied to your MailChimp account that will pitch your affiliate links to anyone who takes the bait lol.  You can automate your email sending for as long as you want.  Do you want to send one email a week for six months?  Go for it!  The more emails you set up in advance, the more likely you'll get clicks, and that means the more cookies that are being placed on a computer that could then turn into paying customers where you get a commission!

After all of this, you should set up your account and be sure it has an automated message that you control.  You can then get people to talk back with you, and that's where you pitch your affiliate link How to promote an affiliate link through Adwords 

Your Ads
You don't want to pitch your free offer in the ads you set up; you want to pitch your "business" or service and get people to click through.  People will click through because they're interested in your offer and they will then come across your "Free Offer" and likely sign up. 

Don't expect to get rich overnight if you're pitching an affiliate system like this, it takes time to build up your list, but it can be very profitable in the long run.

Targeting and Filtering
You need to target the right demographic for what you're pitching at the time.  You can't get pulled into a keyword that's getting 100,000+ searches and is slightly related to your offer.  This will just burn through your ad spend each day, and you won't be as successful as possible. 

Exclude countries that don't have a lot of income, target specific genders if needed, focus on certain age ranges, etc.  The more specific you get with your targeting and filtering, the more high quality conversions you'll get because you're showing the right people the right offer at the right time and they will sign up more than anyone else lol.

Think of it like fishing, if you know how to fish.  If you have a basic bait pulling across the top of the water, you'll likely catch something, but it probably won't be what you want.  Now, if you take a specific bait, set it at a specific depth, and pull it through the water at a certain speed, then you'll likely catch what you're trying to.  This is the same as getting targeted with your Ads How to promote an affiliate link through Adwords

In the end, Just be sure Google can't link you to your affiliate links through the website that you're pushing through Adwords and you'll be fine to do whatever you want.  Now, if you paste affiliate links all over your website and it's easy to see you're not pushing your own service or product, then they'll disapprove you right away.  You need your own business, product, or service if you want to use Adwords so make them think you are doing just that! 

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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Wonderful advice all packed in to one place thanks for airing this
Kind Regards
Steve Simmonds

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Really Great Advised
Thank you so much I will Try it Soon

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