SEOClerks Android & iOS App

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SEOClerks Android & iOS App

Hello Everybody
I hope you guys are doing well in this awesome marketplace. I really love SEOClerks and I have made my first $1, $100, $1000 from this marketplace. I believe that SEOClerks will be the #1 marketplace in near future. SEOClerks Android & iOS App
SEOClerks recently updated many things like themes and other functionality. But I don't understand why they don't make an official Android & iOS mobile App ! I believe that most of the freelancer and buyer in this marketplace have Android or iOS phone and will love to use SEOClerks from their mobile.
I will recommend SEOClerks team to create an official Android & iOS app as soon as possible.
What do you think about this ? Should SEOClerks have an official Android & iOS app ?


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Having an App for this marketplace would definitely increase mobile traffic, sales, and various other things but I think the programmers are focusing on all the small things first. They need to finish the new theme up and iron out little things so everything runs smoothly and they will also be adding little things here and there that people are requesting.

I would assume a mobile App is in the plans, but there are many things that need to be done first, which is why I've got a little workaround to have a sort of mobile app for this marketplace SEOClerks Android & iOS App

Check this out:

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Agree they have Mobil app in plans

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Yes Noman, there are many requests and discussions here on SEOClerks Forum requesting for an official Android and iOS app which is very much useful for both buyers and sellers. We have to wait until it happens. If you are looking for any workaround, there are some unofficial SEOclerks app on Android store which i am using at the moment. It gets the job done although it would be no match for an official app from SEOClerks themselves. Lets wait for it.

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Need a app .. other market places are standing out because of it

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No, According to my experience Seoclerks has no any official app yet

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Yes Android App and IOS app it's in great demand on other websites. We have need developers.


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