How to deal with threat From Buyer

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How to deal with threat From Buyer

Hi everyone, I am a new level 1 seller. I have completed few orders on seoclerk. All customers are satisfied with my work but I found one client who have many objection in my work. I had bid on his job and done exactly as he specified in his posted job and added some extra backlinks. But after delivery he have raise many issues, I have tried to convince  him and also remind his posted job requirements that meet exactly with my work. But he said you have done such a job not even 1/4 of the value.

That job done manually, I have invested more time to discover his specified sources and created as he said. But at last h give me a thumb up and negative feedback and said again add twice the number of links from other source. This means I have to give him double.  I found already a seller given him negative rating may be he have done exactly what he done with me.

As I am new, I try to provide good service in cheapest price to increase my trust value. But don't have idea how to deal such client.  How seoclerk will help me in this issue. It is just like a threat since buyer may be edit the feedback and make it negative. If negative feedback placed on level 1 then it is not possible to go up and get more orders.


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If you've done everything that your service mentions, there is no reason for him to complain.

It sounds like he either didn't know what he was purchasing or he wanted more work done than what was described.

Don't let him blackmail you or hold you for some sort of ransom if you did all the correct work. He shouldn't really complain if you're doing manual backlinks for $3 to $10 because I would charge him much more than that lol How to deal with threat From Buyer

Be sure to keep screenshots of all the messages going back and forth and open a support ticket. They don't tolerate this type of stuff and will talk with the buyer, maybe suspend his account, or them may take it to an extreme and simply ban him so no other seller has to deal with his shenanigans lol

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If you have delivered exactly what you have promised before starting the order then you can ask the help by raising support ticket against the wrong feedback (Thumbs Down). Just do the job perfectly and don't allow such buyer to exploit you for negative feedback.

What are the Wrong feedbacks? (According to me, Everyone may have a different opinion)
Thumbs up/down are feedback with the comment as opinion. If client give you thumbs up and negative comment then you need to take the one as his opinion. You can make the improvement as per their opinion if required. But if you have delivered 100% work as described and they give Thumbs Down with negative feedback then you can say this as Wrong feedback, then first approach client and ask for resolution. If they warn/threat you then raise the ticket against such action with full justification of your work.

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Actually, sometimes, the problem came from the buyers themself when they don't read the service carefully and make a purchase and during the service period, they don't reply to questions. Unfortunately, it's really unfair to get negative review (Thumbs Down) when you've done everything as is advertised on the service page.

If a buyer give a bad review, try to contact him, ask why? If the buyer not replying to your messages or give a Thumbs Down for no reasons, in such a case, open a support ticket and let the SEOClerks team look into the issue.

Good luck!

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