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USA Restaurant Owners

I have 150k USA restaurant owners and I discovered my data is too old.  Could anyone give me advise how to obtain USA restaurant owner emails for my new startup?


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If you purchased the list from a broker then it was probably old before you every received it. If you scraped the list yourself, you'll see a lot of angry business owners when you start to email them lol.

If you got all of these emails legitimately, and they're old like you say, you can run them through an email filtering service that will remove dead emails as well as spam traps so you have a fresh list.

If you're looking to build on your list you can always go onto Google and run some adwords or get on Facebook and target page admins who control a food and restaurant page.

Remember, don't spam these people, build your list like the rest of us and do it naturally, if you scrape or buy a list you'll regret it lol.

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do you know the lead generation system. If you know then you can understand how can you find it

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