Similarity between SEOCLERK Services, Trades and Jobs

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Similarity between SEOCLERK Services, Trades and Jobs

So far so good, SEOCLERK is still the best place for a freelancer to work and collaborate and the admin support is awesome. I just thought of sharing this to help someone understand better.

If you are new here, please note, you can create services up to a maximum of 10 Services for level 1 members and also note that you can create jobs and trades. However, if you already have up to 10 Services created already, you can not create jobs or trades.

So if you want to create a job or trade, you should consider doing so before you reach up to 10 Services or you temporary suspend some services. I am still looking for some other threads related to this in the forum, anyone with useful info should please add them here.

Do not forget to check my services, I have services that can complement your services hopefully. Cheers ..more freelancing job and sales to you all.

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Hey there,

I'll break down each below.

These are your own services that you offer through the platform in order to make some money from a potential buyer. They will buy your service, you will perform the work, and the buyer will approve or reject it when you submit it as finished. This platform takes 20% of your sales, which isn't much because 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing lol.

This section of the site isn't as popular but has good intentions, and it is where service providers can exchange their work with each other to help one another grow. Let's say you sold SEO and you needed a content writer, you could post that you'll do enough SEO that would equal 10 articles from a content writer, then a content writer that needed SEO could partner up with you and exchange the work. You both benefit from the work, but it's tough because there is a trust factor that needs to be thought about here, and not many people will exchange work with a stranger because there's no guarantee that they will deliver.

This is just like any other job board where you post something you need to be done and other people bid on it. If you need a 1,500-word article written, you could post it and say how much you're willing to pay for the completed work. You would then get people bidding on the job and you would select one or more people to do the work. You could then accept or reject the completed work and carry on your day.

I hope that helps Similarity between SEOCLERK Services, Trades and Jobs


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You nailed it perfectly Boss...thanks for the clarification

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