Pair Affiliate Marketing and a Consulting Service to Generate Recurring Profits

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Pair Affiliate Marketing and a Consulting Service to Generate Recurring Profits

As a consultant you might make a decent amount of money for every client you get to sign up and you give your advice to.  They would then ask what they need to purchase in order to make their business run better, increase their sales, find the right people to sell to, etc. and all of your responses could be in the form of affiliate links that then give you a commission when your consulting client signs up for them.

You could charge a fee for your consulting or do it for free, it's up to you, and your clients can't really complain about the affiliate links since they're not the ones paying you the additional money to learn something that will help their business.

The only downside to this is that the consulting client might think you're only pushing certain products or services in order to get the highest commissions, so you better be ready with a rebuttal when they ask why you're referring that specific system or service.

Choose a niche with various services
This is the main reason affiliate marketing is so big when it comes to everything related to websites.  There are thousands of services out there that can help every single type of website and a consultant can refer any number of them to their clients and never run into a problem.

You don't have to choose the website niche for this, you could find anything else, just be sure it has various verticals that you can go through and promote different things to the same business owner.

Set up your consultancy website
If you want to be seen as a professional, you'll need to have your own website, and this is because every client you capture will want to see it.  You can run ads to pull people into your website, you can link to your consultancy site on social media pages, and you can essentially use it as a hub for potential clients to contact you.

You don't have to get fancy with this, just be sure you have some examples of previous work showing to everyone, and make sure you have a clear contact form and live chat system so people can talk to you right away.

Have an email capture form ready to go
You'll want to build up your lists as much as possible if you're doing any sort of consulting work.  I usually offer a free consulting service and hand out affiliate links via email and live chat so I can increase my revenues without doing much additional work. 

You can do the same, just be sure you're collecting the right information like a user's name and email, and you will want to schedule your newsletters (with affiliate links) to go out each week for at least six weeks.

Use URL shorteners so you can remember links easier
A lot of people will see an affiliate link and not click on it.  Instead, they'll see the root domain and type that into their browser.  I tend to do this myself if an affiliate site is getting too pushy, but I'll gladly click on an affiliate link if the site gave me plenty of amazing content and wasn't trying to force me to click.

In order to avoid the ghosting, you'll need to use URL shorteners so people can't see your affiliate link.  They'll click a,, tiny.url, or something similar and get sent through your affiliate link while the cookie gets placed on their computer.  They make a purchase, you get a commission, and that customer will come back to you again because they're a member of your newsletter, right?  lol Pair Affiliate Marketing and a Consulting Service to Generate Recurring Profits

Final Thoughts,
Running a consultancy program isn't that difficult, but it's tough to find clients willing to pay you a premium, and that's why you should try to pair this type of service with affiliate marketing.  You can please the client, send sales to a 3rd party, and get a nice commission check at the end of the month for simply providing information to someone that needed. it Pair Affiliate Marketing and a Consulting Service to Generate Recurring Profits

Thanks for reading Pair Affiliate Marketing and a Consulting Service to Generate Recurring Profits

- Tommy


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