Building Your Brand - It's more than generating sales

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Building Your Brand - It's more than generating sales

Whenever someone is building their brand, they usually think, "If I sell 1,000 items this month, it will be great for my branding!" and it will be, but there's more to branding than generating sales.  You need to focus on various things to get your name out there, like partnerships, sponsorships, donating, etc.  None of those things consist of making a sale, but they will increase your brand recognition over time and bring in sales Building Your Brand - It

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few things to think about when you start your branding journey.

You need to love what you're doing
If you don't love the business you've started, what's the point of continuing, because your head won't be in the game for long.  Sure, you could love the money that's coming in, but that will fade, and you'll be stuck at a decent job that you don't necessarily like.

Get into an industry that you know you'll love, something you currently like, and wish you could make some money with it, or you can even turn a hobby into a business and try to scale it.  Trust me; if you like what you're getting into, then you'll love it later on when it's producing profits lol.

Branding doesn't equate to more profit
When you start branding your products or business, you may think you're going to pull in more sales, but that's not always the case.  I know of some big companies that have branding campaigns with the only goal of getting their name and logo in front of as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.  They don't track sales or conversions for these types of campaigns, they let them run to get their name out there, and then they'll have separate campaigns dedicated to bringing in more sales.

Big companies understand that branding is a powerful thing that can take you a long way, but they also know it takes a long time to brand correctly, which is why you shouldn't get worried if your actions are taking longer than expected.

Niche down and dominate
If you're big into SEO, then you know that a popular thing right now is to "niche down" and get specific about who you're selling to.  If you can do this with your own company, while branding it along the way, you'll be able to take over your industry quicker than you'd imagine.  You likely have fewer competitors than the SEO industry has, which is a good thing, so be sure to use your skills to rank on top for your keywords and also target specific people that you think should see your brand.  You can even run an ad to target these people and speed the entire process up a bit.

Target specific people on Facebook
Just like I mentioned above, targeting specific people will help your brand quicker, but doing this with Facebook ads will boost your growth and recognition even more.  You can target everyone that likes a type of shirt, or you can target everyone that is into a specific band that may like your shirt lol.  Get specific with your targeting, and you will notice a decent amount of shares and likes coming your way Building Your Brand - It

Final thoughts
It's difficult to run a company that isn't branded well because you'll feel that every day is a struggle to pull in more clients.  If your business and website have their branding done just right, the customers will come to you when they need something, and they won't have to look up your name when they need it.

Thanks for reading Building Your Brand - It

- Tommy


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