the best way to come in the google top 3 position

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the best way to come in the google top 3 position

I need my website in the top 3 position on google it is for the netherlands
who can help me ? 


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Think about your branding as well as SEO when you're building backlinks. If you're building links for the sole purpose of getting higher on the rankings within Google then you'll likely hurt yourself in the long run. Think about what people want to read and post quality content to 3rd party platforms, websites, and blogs in order to see a quick boost in the rankings that will be sustainable.

Another way to do this is guest blogging but you'll need to outreach to the sites that don't openly offer it so you can get some unique backlinks that your competitors don't have from all of the free guest posting sites the best way to come in the google top 3 position I've done this plenty of times and offered 2-3 free articles totaling around 5,000 words of content as long as I'm allowed to drop a dofollow link within at least one of the articles I'm submitting.

You'll need to do your research on the places you're posting to because you'll need to fill a void and write content that isn't already on the site or blog. If you can offer up titles that aren't covered already, show some quality snippets of your work, or hand over your portfolio to the website owner you will only increase your chances of them getting back to you.

Most people won't respond to your outreach emails, but the few that do will likely enjoy what you've said, and they will allow you to start submitting content. I've actually had some of these websites ask me to come on board as a writer for them and they now pay me per article that I publish to their blogs lol the best way to come in the google top 3 position All I do is write the content, add it to their blog, and they pay me at the end of the week for the number of quality posts that I've done. Most of the sites make me my own login and allow me access to the blog as an editor so they don't have to proofread or edit my work since it's already high quality the best way to come in the google top 3 position I now get a few backlinks a month to my various websites AND I'm getting paid for the content I'm publishing to their blogs the best way to come in the google top 3 position

A lot of the older ways of building backlinks, the easier ways, aren't legitimate anymore and won't do much to help in a medium to hard niche. Sure, it'll work in easier niches with not traffic, but that's not where you want to build a website and rank for anyway lol the best way to come in the google top 3 position

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Hi hoedje,
If you are serious to improve your search engine rank up to top 3 position then you should have to give equal importance on both content and seo. Since Content is King, you cannot ignore it by focusing only on seo.

Website Content:
I like to recommend frequent update your website blog post and your blog post feed and experts or service or product list with small description must be in home page. Create regular posting or adding new content and submit the url into google search engine console.
Don't copy content from other source or spun articles from other source. You can rewrite article manually will be the best alternative which doesn't affect your seo.

Make Trending Articles:
Go to google trends and search trending topics on your niche and create articles about that including your services or products and submit link to search engine console. It is definitely give you some decent traffic from search engine. This trick is working perfectly, you may try for it.

Solve issues and Improve On-page Optimization:
Primary part of seo is on-page optimization, you should have to follow certain rules to fix issues on your web pages. You may need to rewrite the page title, description, keywords, h1, h2, alt tag of images etc. Maintain good keyword density, never write article for only focusing to search engine, try for article which human should love by reading and wisely use your keywords. Interlinking webpages is good for seo and human reference.

Keyword Research:
Keyword research is the step before going into link building. Research more and find the head keywords for your niche. You can get idea from google adwords or just place any search query on google, you will get alternative suggestions also. Head keywords are more important. Once you found head keywords then you will get all similar keywords. Now list such keywords and try to make articles or small descriptions including those.

Off-page optimization:
Here you also have to focus on some factors like link building, branding, social media optimization etc. To go for link building, you need to have collect good source like high authority websites. You can try some backlinks type like:
  • Article Submission
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Forum Profile Building with Backlink
  • Blog Comment
  • Info-graphic or image submission
  • Pdf submission
Those are some basic backlinks source type, choose high authority backlink source only and make multi tier backlinks with your keywords. If you able to create a strong multi tier backlinks for your website with your targeted keyword, you will definitely get the result with in two months or may take more but never worry for time focus on long term since seo is not a short term goal.

Here I again like to repeat content is king. On my own experience I have ranked my own site in top 1 position with a good link profile but cannot able to keep the position and again my rank gone lower and third page on SERPs. I again focus on both regular high quality content creation and high quality link building and yes, that works perfectly to keep the position. How ever still in #2-3 position on SERPs of google.

Hope it will give you some basic idea and you will do research more and find some good freelancers or professionals who will help on each step of your online business promotion.

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firstly you have to fix all problem of on-page SEO then you will start off-page SEO such as backlinks

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