Introductory SEO services and how they can help you get customers

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Introductory SEO services and how they can help you get customers

When you're selling an SEO service, you'll always hear "Can I get a discount?" from anyone interested in your work.  It doesn't matter if it's the first time you've talked to the person if they think your prices are high, but they're still interested, they'll ask for a discount. 

The nice thing about running your own SEO agency and selling services is that you can price them however you want.  You can create custom campaigns and do specialized work for each client.  This also means you can design a package that can be discounted much cheaper than your current services and offer it to clients who are looking to test your services prior to making a bigger commitment.

Intro SEO campaigns are cheaper
Since these types of campaigns are tailored to be smaller and not take much time, you can price them much cheaper than what you offer your normal campaigns.  Let's say your normal campaigns take 10 hours a week and you charge $1,500 a month for them, your intro SEO campaign can cost $250-$550 and you can do a fraction of the work but still profit!

Think about what you can do quickly, without hurting your other clients who are paying top dollar, and you will be able to give value to the customer who could potentially sign up for a bigger package.

People feel more secure with cheaper services
Everyone is looking for a bargain and the same thing goes for SEO and Marketing.  You could sell a $10,000 service and people will offer you $500 for it like you're wanting to haggle over your pricing.

If you offer an intro SEO campaign you should also tell them it won't do as much as your normal services, but it will still help boost them slightly, and the campaign is designed so they can get an idea of what your top tier services can do for them.

Intro SEO campaigns are only for one month
You never want to keep people signed up for an intro campaign because these are designed to show the clients what you can do for them.  These campaigns are a sort of teaser and give the clients a taste of what you can do if you were to get paid for a normal campaign you offer.

Never go more than 31 days on one of these campaigns because then you're giving the client a chance to stick with the campaign.  The only reason I would say to stick with this on a month to month basis is if you're really trying to sell this as your main service and funneling people to it because your other campaigns are too expensive.

Talk with your clients throughout their intro period
Think of your intro campaign as a sort of onboarding process that they're paying for.  You will want to stay in contact with the people who are paying for this, even if you have plenty of clients paying full price, and that's because it's easier to convert the intro campaigns into full-price campaigns if the clients feel comfortable with you.

If you're getting the client results, pulling in traffic, and talking with them as soon as they have questions, then they will more likely be willing to sign up for something higher priced.  If you're not getting the ideal rankings they expected, you can always say it's because the intro campaign isn't designed to get #1 rankings, and the client will more than likely stick with you if you've been friendly and professional as well as responsive.

Final Thoughts,
I've been using intro campaigns as a way to butter up my clients and push them to bigger packages.  A lot of them will get rankings with the intro campaign, understand this is a type of service that doesn't bring in much traffic, and they will usually upgrade to a medium or high priced campaign when the intro is slightly successful.  They think," If I'm getting these types of results with a basic intro campaign, I should be getting 10x the results with a higher paying one!" and they're right lol!

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Tommy Carey


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