Top 6 Online Marketing Strategies Every Website Needs

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Top 6 Online Marketing Strategies Every Website Needs

Whenever there is a new website coming to my certain niches, I will always watch to see what they're doing.  Most of the time, they're doing a few things right, a few things wrong, but there are sometimes those unicorns who do everything right from the beginning.  

Marketing strategies aren't something to be taken lightly if you want to be successful online.  You should treat them as your digital commandments if you want to take over your niche and industry to become the one true king that gets all the sales muahaha!  Though marketing isn't something you should put together as time goes by, you should have a detailed plan of attack and evolve it over time if needed.

Below are 6 of the top Online Marketing Strategies every website should be using.

Strategic Content Marketing
We've all heard the saying "Content is King," and that's because it's true.  You can't have a super successful website with basic content on it unless you're pushing a ton of money into PPC campaigns and have a killer landing page.

Adding plenty of great content to your website will only boost you over time and make it a place where people who love your niche will stick around to read article after article.  If you're like me, you post a decent amount of tutorials, and that means people tend to love everything you write Top 6 Online Marketing Strategies Every Website Needs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
If you're on this website, then you likely know the power that SEO brings to the table.  Sure, you can pull in plenty of visitors without doing proper SEO, but you can pull in 10x that many if you did it from the beginning.  

The amount of traffic you can pull in from doing SEO the right way, letting it age, and compiling the results can be staggering.  I've seen some of my clients go from a trickle of organic traffic to an overwhelming flood.  Their traffic spike was so large that they had to invest in a larger server to handle all of it, which is a good problem to have Top 6 Online Marketing Strategies Every Website Needs

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
I've recently been getting into SMM a lot more nowadays that I'm branding myself like I should have been doing for years now, and I've seen some staggering results.  If you know what you're doing, while automating what you can, you will be able to bring in plenty of traffic and brand yourself much easier if you stick with it.  I kick myself because I could have been branding my name in my industries for the last 15 years, and I would have been the top dog right now lol.  

Personal Branding
Like I mentioned above, personal branding is a big thing today if you're trying to be at the top of your game.  People want to work with someone, not a company, and that's why personal branding is so important nowadays.  

Think about it, would you rather pay a professional to do some work for you or a business name?  You'd likey to go with the professional since it seems more personal and friendly compared to a robotic business.

Conversion Optimization
If you're doing everything you possibly can, and you're not optimizing for conversions, you may as well burn the money in your wallet right now.  Conversion optimization should be done just as often as you're doing SEO, which is often!  You want to be sure that the traffic you're pulling into your website will be more likely to convert into a sale, and that means a lot of split testing, so be sure you get on this and get it done before you start SEO or running any PPC campaigns.

Email Marketing
One of the biggest things that will pull your visitors back in is Email Marketing.  I'm not talking about scraping together a list and blasting out to them.  I'm talking about getting your visitors to sign up for your newsletters, and you send them an email once or twice a week.  You never want to send a bunch of promotional stuff, just simple emails with some content and links to your blog, and you will notice a spike in traffic when you're doing this correctly Top 6 Online Marketing Strategies Every Website Needs

Final Thoughts,
The six online marketing strategies above will always help you bring in more traffic, customers, and keep people reading if you do them right.  If you aren't doing them all right now, don't worry, you can start implementing them today and be a rockstar tomorrow!

Thanks for reading Top 6 Online Marketing Strategies Every Website Needs

Tommy Carey


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