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Ad Traffic Tips Ideas

Hi,  I wondered if a few people in the community could help me out.  I am the author of 2 websites I had an idea for a post.  What are good websites etc. for driving traffic to your content and if anyone has any suggestions could they please let me know a bit about each one.  I currently use Jaaxy for keyword research and 2 traffic exchanges called traffup and hitvshit.  I used simpletraffic for a free trial in the past but weren't really sure if it helped me much.


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Keyword research will help you throughout your journeys as a writer because you can see what is going to rank easier, what will take time, and what will be a huge waste if you target it. Sure, some keywords you can rank for right away but if they're not getting any traffic then it could be wasted time.

For keyword research, I like using ahrefs because it gives you a lot of information for a single keyword and it also suggests a lot of other keywords for you to target. You can find some gems when using ahrefs, I know I have lol, and you could quickly figure out that you're targeting the wrong set of keywords if you know what you're doing when it comes to research.

As for using traffic exchanges to boost your "visitors" I would say it's a complete waste of time. Sure, you'll get people to browse your pages and it will look nice within your analytics dashboard, but none of the visitors will ever convert into a sale and you're essentially wasting any money or time you've invested. Their traffic packages could seem very enticing because you'll get thousands of people viewing your site for a few dollars, but that's not how it works, and you'll quickly figure this out. I've done studies on traffic exchanges because I own one and wanted to know how the competitors worked, and I can tell you that your bounce rate will suffer as well as your profits. You'll push money into getting traffic, kill your profits, and you could have been putting that money into Adwords or another PPC platform to pull in actual visitors.

What you should focus on, if you want quality traffic, is building up your sites and blogs with amazing content and getting some high quality backlinks from niche-specific sites. Don't pass on a high DA link if it's not related to your industry, it will still help, but it won't be as effective as a high DA link of the same caliber from a niche related website or blog.

Watch your analytics and be sure you can tell who is coming to your website, what pages they gravitate towards, and how long they're on your site. The more you know about your traffic, the more you can tweak your methods, and the better your business will be in the long run. In the short run, stop using traffic exchanges, and start using Adwords or other PPC platforms. You'll get less traffic compared to a traffic exchange, but you'll be getting traffic that is 1,000x better, and that's never a bad thing at the end of the day lol.

I hope that helps Ad Traffic Tips Ideas

- Tommy

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Thanks, Tommy this has given me a lot of food for thought. I have never heard of ahrefs - I use Jaaxy is there any difference?

With my content, I am generally happy with most of it with the rest I am not so happy with I have a good idea what needs to be done. I am sorry to come across like I have a million questions to ask you but these high-quality backlinks. How would I go about getting these. Plus what are DA links?

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Hey Chivs86,

I've never used Jaaxy but it looks to be similar to ahrefs. I would say ahrefs is a little more advanced because they help you find backlinks of yours and you can also look up your competitors links to reverse engineer their process.

High quality backlinks are the same as High DA backlinks. DA stands for Domain Authority and the higher it is out of 100, the better the backlink. So you could get 100 backlinks with a DA of 10 and that wouldn't be as good as if you were to get one backlink with the DA of 60+

The DA of a backlink doesn't scale. You won't be able to get 10 backlinks with the DA of 6 and have it equal the same as one backlink with the DA of 60. The higher the DA of the link, the better it is for your website, and you should always make sure they are niche-specific for best effect Ad Traffic Tips Ideas


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