Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

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Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

In a world with what seems like 1,000+ new startups each day, you would think there would be a way to generate plenty of free content for your website... Well, there is if you consider guest posting! 

Over the years, I've been writing content for myself and clients but never stopped to think about how I leveraged bloggers to write content for me, my businesses, and my clients.  I usually paid the writers, and they would write amazing pieces of art that I sent over to the client for approval, which always got approved, and the client would put in another order.

Now I'm starting to think of the "If you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back" business model and if it could work online.  It can, I've used it, and it's not difficult to do if you take the right steps.

Understand who the influencers are within your industry
If you know who the people are that convince others to make purchases, then you'll know who the influencers are.  There are websites that list major influencers who are willing to sell a post, but that's not always needed, so be sure to go through all your top keywords and find who is making the most waves within your industry.

What you'll do is make a list of all these people, and then you'll send out an email to them.  You will likely get a low response rate, but the people who do respond to your emails will likely be interested in sending you some content, and this usually means you'll let them guest post on your website or blog.  You'll need to have a decent amount of credibility or authority in Google's eyes if you want to convince more influencers to write content for you, and that will come over time.

Be sure to use the right hashtags in a strategic manner
One of the biggest things you can do is figure out which hashtags are getting the most traffic within the search engines for your specific industry and use them whenever you're posting.  You can usually get on the radar of a lot of bloggers, who will check your website, and if you have a page that says "Write for us!" they will usually check it out.

The more you're posting, the more likely you can get people to contact you for a post, and that means more content on your website.

Try connecting with bloggers and influencers offline
One thing I like to do is talk to bloggers one one one over a cup of coffee and see what we can come up with.  Most of the time, they don't want to meet up because it's odd for a blogger to be contacted for content-related reasons, but some of them will make time to hang out for a little bit and chat about what I have in mind.  Most of them understand what guest posting is, so I don't hit that too much, but I will talk to them about revenue share and possibly a pay-per-post type deal if I like the content they were already writing no their blog.

The more people you reach out to, the more possibilities you have to generate free content, and that means more search engine rankings that could bring in more writers and even some buyers Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

You don't have to meet with people face to face, you can chat with them over Skype if you prefer, and that's another way to talk with bloggers who live on the other side of the country Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

Be sure to ask for reviews from bloggers
Whenever you get a positive review of your website on a blog, it will always help.  These reviews tend to rank easier for your business name, and people will usually search that when they want to make a buying decision.  If they search your business name and see 100+ positive reviews in the form of an article on a 3rd party website, they will be more inclined to make a purchase.

This isn't the most difficult thing to do, but it usually takes some money, and that's because bloggers tend to want to get paid for the positive review they're posting about your site.  It's worth it Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

Reward people for kind words you find online
If you happen to find someone writing an amazing article about your website or blog, then you should jump in the comments section or email the writer and offer some free services or discount code.  This shows you appreciate the work they were doing and they can pass the coupon code to their members if they want.  Just be sure to make the coupon code limited to that blogger so you can track how many people are using it.  You can also set a limit on the codes, so the blogger is more inclined to write positive content about you in exchange for more discounts Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

Use social media to boost your traffic and brand awareness
One thing people overlook a lot is the power of a social media share because this content doesn't go directly on your website.  Yes, you aren't getting free content, but you ARE getting brand awareness and a lot of shares that will all link to your website.  Think about it, if you were to post something on your Facebook page that says, "We will give away 50% off coupons if this post hits 1,000+ shares!" don't you think it would be a little more successful?  You'll get more shares, traffic, and you'll likely generate some additional sales before the coupon code ever goes out lol.

Final Thoughts,
Guest posting isn't a new thing because people have been doing it for a long time now.  It wasn't as popular in the past because people weren't sure if it did anything other than put your name on a 3rd party site, but it ended up ranking some small websites for big keywords, and people have been implementing guest posting methods ever since.  You can get plenty of free content to your website if you're willing to give away a backlink or other incentives, be sure to work on your site and make it as amazing as possible, so you attract the right writers Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

Thanks for reading Bloggers guest posting to get backlinks and coupons while you get profits.

- Tommy Carey


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