Requirements to start the web traffic

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Requirements to start the web traffic

I have few questions that I need to verify.
What are the details that you want to know to do the boost web traffic if I get your service?
How long will it take to start the task, If I give you the order?
How can I verify the task is done?

Thank you


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As far I know traffic has no booster nor it can be a boost but you can boost web traffic for any website.
The requirements are the only URL only, if for any reason you want to buy country targeting then you need one country targeting and if you want to target niche then you must go for niche targeting and so on etc.

Just remember Traffic has feelings and they can smell anything like you or me, like human beings; You can say the visitors.>>>

If you give order then as describe on the service description, you will get it.

Once the task is completed you can check on Google Analytics or Tracking Link ( Remember Sometimes tracking link provides wrong count visitors and sometimes Google Analytics counts very late, therefore, choose either. In this way, you will have a good idea and a clear picture in your mind.

Whenever you order from Traffic seller. Ask unlimited questions to the seller until you are satisfied and read the description properly and keenly throughout the page. In this way, you will be having a better and clear-cut mindset.

If someone gives you a high quantity then you must order it or even someone giving you very little quantity then also you must order it. At least you know and learn the thing that is coming to your site.

Sometimes buyers and sellers need to discuss, what the ultimate reaction of visitors/traffic service.


I hope you get the key ideas.

Good Luck!

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Hi Shivayasea,

thank you very much for your brief description. Is this same thing keywords targets and get visitors to the site?

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According to my knowledge and opinion for every keyword, targeted visitor it cost is between $.80 cent to $1.
The Best option is to get keywords targeted is Organic from Search Engines is the best way with applied Google Ads.

For example: if you need keywords targeted traffic then it would be like this $1 X 100 Visitors to your site= $100 approximately or near to it.

For example: If you opt for keywords targeted traffic from Google Ads then it would be like this $500 you may get up to 100 visitors but it depends on too many setting and applying grounds on Google search ads because you need to include keywords too.

Thank you

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Thank you Shivayasea for your reply.
keyword targeted visitors and normal website visitors are two different ways to attract visitors to the sites, am I right?

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I think you meant to send this message to a seller. You can click the 'contact' button on any page to contact a seller to ask these questions. Be sure to email verify your account so you can send private messages.

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You should ask your seller and ask him how long he will take to boost traffic to your website

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