How to do trading on SEOClerks? Anyone guide me please

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How to do trading on SEOClerks? Anyone guide me please

I want to know about trading on SEOClerks. I am new here and don't know how to do it please guide. Also guide me about the benefits of trading services.


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I don't see any trading factors on & to whom you are going to sell and who is going to buy your service.

If you are want to do trading then you must ask other sellers in your niche and let them buy your service and then in return, you buy their service. In this way, you can be successful in trading.

Freelancing and trading are two different categories then doing business.

I want to share a moment with you!

I got an order from a buyer and she forced me to work and I said to her, I cannot lift my finger to twitter to tweets, so I told her, "please, can you do it for yourself." (I am just a seller and she is a buyer)

She forced me then Instead of doing work for her; I order her and told her can you do that for me because I cannot lift my finger to twitter to tweets. If you can do it for me then I will give you good tipped, whatever it comes from you, I will share it with you.

( She agrees and does it as a buyer ) (She is doing seller works and I am so happy and get attracted to her efforts and I really was given a $5 tip to her and in return, she has given a high-quality reviewed; 5 lines review.

The buyer demanded 5,000 traffic visits from social media which cost is just $80 within 7 days - Genuinely.

From that time She was the only buyer to me and I charged 10,000 visits for $60 -$100 within one day + Conversions anywhere.

This is called trading

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Trading goes back for millennia and predates currency for obtaining goods and services. Of course, we have our own Want to Trade section but it's also applicable in offline 'real world' scenarios.

Back in the good ol' days, people had more stuff than money. Or at least finding someone else with more money to buy the 'stuff' (or services) they had was rare.

Trading is another form of bartering. I have this, you want this, but i want something you have. We'll trade.

Some people say that trading goes back at least 150,000 years to prehistoric man/woman kind

And you might think there's no place that trading is used now.

But in some countries trading or bartering (i give you this, you give me that) is a common form of life while having actual cash in hand is a rarity.

Just recently, I watched a very interesting documentary called The Trader on Netflix about a man who travels around in his van in rural Georgia offering stuff to locals for trade.

The rural/farm villages are so impoverished, most don't have money and for these farmers, the potato is cash.

The people were trading sacks of potatoes for clothing, boots, tools, toys, you name it. Some things, these people could never afford otherwise. If not for the lowly potato.

Let's fast forward this story to the first world.

A long time ago, when my daughter was a baby, i met a woman on a mommy forum. She wanted a small banner/graphic for her tarot card reading site and in exchange she was willing to trade designer baby clothes.

At the time, I had never done graphic design work and really had no idea what I was doing. But i really wanted those clothes and i jumped at the opportunity.

I had an art program on my computer, just a little freebie software I got for purchasing a camera.

I stumbled around for a few days making all kinds of mistakes with the design and in the process, I learned a valuable skill.

She was delighted with the end product and sent me a small packet of baby clothes in the mail.

Later she sent an email to ask how much i would usually charge for a graphic and I said $75.

I was just estimating, of course as I had not done graphic design work before.

She seemed surprised and dropped the subject.

Not sure if she was feeling guilty or what, but about two weeks later, a huge box of designer baby clothes showed up on my doorstep.

I think i was the winner in that trade. I got a lot for the very small amount of time invested.

My point being, trading is very much alive even in a world that relies on cash and credit.

That's true whether trading in real life or on SEOClerks Want to Trade.

If you have something to offer, a skill or a product, put it out there for something you need.

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You will offer your best work in trade of seo clerk then you will get another work

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