Reasons of Account Disabled

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Reasons of Account Disabled

What are the policy violations from due seoclerk account can be disabled or banned permanently ?


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How To Prevent Being Banned On SEOClerks Here are some tips to keep in mind when using the website to keep you and your account safe from banning or restriction.

  1. Do not post copied or copyrighted content on your services.
  2. Do not engage in spamming, scamming, fraudulent, money-funneling or other
    illegal or disallowed activities which would violate applicable US law
    or Terms of Service.
  3. Never ask for Skype, email or other outside contact info
  4. Do not promote yourself or your services in form of link on the forums or in the FAQ section.
  5. Never ask for direct payment or attempt to circumvent the SEOClerks platform.
  6. Do not post unauthorized services; social media,account sales, blackhat, currency trading etc or anything prohibited by SEOClerks Responsible Listing Guidelines
  7. Do not abuse, harass or threaten other users
  8. Follow specific rules as set out by the SEOClerks TOS for usage of any part of the website.
  9. Do not attempt to exploit a bug. If found, report immediately.
  10. Report problem buyers or sellers via the Support Desk in a timely manner and avoid hostility or arguments with other members

Above are the major causes of account restriction. Keep them in mind while you are using the website to stay safe.

To better understand your legal rights and obligations as an SEOClerks
member, please be sure to thoroughly read and comply with the SEOClerks Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy and Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy.

If you have questions about allowable services, you may contact the Ionicware Support Desk at any time.


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