Affiliate marketing agreement.

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Affiliate marketing agreement.

How should be the agreement of affiliate marketing between buyer and seller. Please advise me.


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May I have additional questions, please.

Can I refer clients from direct affiliate marketing on my service?

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What agreement ? Can you please clarify ?

As far as I know, the affiliate program at seoclerks is simple. Every user has an affiliate code, like: 868955. You can find your own affiliate code at affiliate section in your page.

You can direct visitors to seoclerks website using your affiliate link, like:

Or you can promote a specific service using your affiliate link to that service, like:

If you're a web developer you can exploit other affiliate features, such as RSS feed, like:

By default if you refer a client using your affiliate link,you earn get 10% of any sale they've made.

Sellers have the option to Increase this percentage for their services, like 20% or so, but any increase is deducted from their sale earnings.

and finally, you can refer clients to your own services using your own affilate link to increase your earnings.

I hope that i answered your question.

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Thanks for your nice comments.

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