Why am I not receiving orders?

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Why am I not receiving orders?

What are the most popular services? I want to work.


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Maybe the better question is: What are you doing to generate orders?

You can't put up your services, then sit back and expect to get orders.

And it won't really matter which services are popular as so many other sellers will have figured that out before you.

If you're only offering services you think will make sales then you'll be competing against so many others who have an already established customer base in that niche.

It would be better to focus on services you're good at.

For instance, can you fix computers? Are you an expert translator?

Whatever it is that you do best, offer that as a service. Whatever you were trained for, that's your service.

After you publish the service, start promoting your service among your online and offline friends.

Bid on Jobs and then follow up with the buyers via private message to ask them if they are interested in what you have to offer.

Get creative with your service promotion.

Offer coupons to get those first few buyers. Once you've completed a few orders and received ratings, you won't find it too difficult to get more.

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I was facing the same issue Man then someone suggested me to research more on GIG , provide good service, start with low price and then once you have some reviews you will get good orders automatically . Why am I not receiving orders?

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