Digital Marketing or Branding?

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Digital Marketing or Branding?

Actually, just need to know that is branding the same as digital marketing? Or considering them are two entirely different concepts. Then what about the key differences between them? Which one comes first branding or digital marketing? If wanted to build a company to succeed, which one needs to grow up first in development.


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Think of other companies or products that are branded, like Mr Clean, the He-Man of the cleaning universe.

You can't ever again look at a bald man with muscles holding a cleaning rag without being reminded of of 'Mr Clean'. Why? Because this image is branded into your head.

Digital Marketing or Branding?

And that is the basis of branding. Far beyond simple digital marketing (which can range from Pinning content on Pinterest to Adwords), a branding campaign seeks to leave an impression on the viewer.

The Mr Clean is the 'brand voice' or identity.

To create your own voice or identity you need a predominant symbol or idea.

Here are some of the basic steps of branding your product or service.

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Brand Marketing
Check online for more tutorials on branding.

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For replying with the valuable information thanks a lot, Beverly.

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These are different things, but if you want to create a successful company, then without competent marketing, you will not be able to promote your brand, and if there is no brand, it will be more difficult for you to gain consumer confidence. And I really like the product which I have been using for a long time, and they have their own blog where they post useful information.

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