i bought 10 paid tools,but i did not get any result

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i bought 10 paid tools,but i did not get any result

some days ago i bought 10 paid boost for my service,i used total 5 boost,but still now have no any views,and result..Really bad result,do you know where is the problem?


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I have the same experience with paid boosts. I have bought paid boosts like you on earlier days on Seoclerks. Regular boost and paid boost probably give the almost same result. It just put your gig on top(gradually changes the position).
You are not getting results because buyers are not attracted to your gigs. Here are some reasons-

  1. You are charging high
  2. Gig description doesn't include the description of previous experience(screenshot or, anything)
  3. You are not providing anything better than others.
My suggestion for you- read similar services on Seoclerks and provide something better. Then use the regular boost at different times of the day.
Contact peoples who already bought similar services, message them. They may be interested
That's it.

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