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When using the marketplace menu the traffic category isn't accessible as a service. The only way to access the traffic category is in the search box that don't list all the featured services. Why pay for traffic category feature when it's not accessible on the website for view?


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Dear sweet friend

Maybe due to some technical reason or optimization on, sometimes we are unable to view the feature. It's Ok but if you have done the feature then your listing will be at the top of the traffic category, just you need to boost your specific service, you buy for.

Sweet friend, I have an example for you to satisfied and make you pleased and cheerful without lagging on any situation especially on seoclerks featured service.

If I do have a website having Google AdSense Ads, and 2 more leading Ads on it with rich content and article, if for instance, you want to rank on the top of the Google Search Engine (FEATURED), then it doesn't mean you will earn well, still, it depends on keywords and your spending budget. (Ad. Search) and sometimes due to the high competitive keywords, budget your Featured search listing will be on the 2nd page, that doesn't mean you would not get traffic/views/clicks on your Featured search listing.

But if you send visitors to your site and your visitors love your incredible articles, affiliates Ad, and niches, you would earn very well.

More than SEO service is More than Traffic service.

I hope your questing to this community will be sorted out sooner.

Happy earning and Happy NEW YEAR 2021

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