Still in delay freelancer not reply

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Still in delay freelancer not reply

Freelancer not responding.
before cancel the order any other option?

please give me some suggestions


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I think you should talk to the support line. They may help you. They give priority to buyers.
here is the link

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please discuss with the support I hope the support is very helpful

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Your first step should be to contact the seller NOT support.

You will need to alert seller that you are dissatisfied with his progress and/or ask for mutual cancellation via order page.

As per our Terms of Service

All Orders made by a user shall only be refunded if such Order has not been fulfilled by a Seller. Before any Order can be refunded for any Seller Services, the user must first attempt to contact the Seller. If the Seller fails to respond or does not deliver the Order as promised to the user, the user may then initiate a refund request by contacting Ionicware. Please be aware that refunds can only be given for unfulfilled orders and no refunds will be issued for any other reason. All refunds are issued at the sole discretion of Ionicware.

If a seller is not responding you can contact support. after you have attempted a resolution with seller.

As per TOS, 'If you wish to request a refund or have an issue with any account billing, please contact us a'

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Cancel and move on. Some sellers are not worth the effort to argue with.

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