Best free traffic sources

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Best free traffic sources

There are several free traffic sources available on internet like social media, public blogging sites, article directory, etc where anyone can post their own optimized content and take a rest while these platforms will drive quality traffic to your content from their on-site optimization and also search engine will provide free traffic as good content in high authority website.

When you prefer to promote affiliate links you must try your own quality content or hire a content writer on seoclerks. Our seoclerks are able to create your niche relevant content also create focusing articles for your affiliate product or service. Here are my 3 free recommendation sites that allow you to post for free as well as provide you real quality leads if your content has such value to them.

1. Quora

In my first recommendation, I like to suggest quora, which is a great and one of my favorite places for lead generation where I have made many leads to my own business as well as provides leads to clients. Quora is a place of question and answer. Where people often asking about their desired question and also looking someone to answer their question who already have experience or expert in that field. Writing the real and genuine solution to any topic on your niche and also suggest the website as a solution where you placed your affiliate link along with a proper description.

Several times it is found that answers are collapsed by the moderator but luckily my answers are not collapsed yet since I don't like to spam their platform instead of provided long articles with less image (quora not like more images). Then with the proper flow of my content, I have suggested my target site.

Quora also provides huge free traffic by mailing your post to several people who are subscribed in a similar topic if your answer has such value even you have some recommendation

Here is some service that offers content writing for quora on seoclerk.

2. Medium

Medium is my second suggestion which is a free blogging platform and also called web 3.0 which is an upgraded version of existing web 2.0 like blogspot, wordpress etc. since it provides better userfriendly and more features to get optimized. Most article written in Medium is going into the top of google in few days if that has some value (according to google content is king). I found many articles in the top 10 results of google or 1st page of SERPs. When your content on top of google results then you will get the visitor who is searching for the solution on the same topic - that is your targeted audience.

Medium also has a mailing list of people who are interested in the same topic as well as you will get a lot of traffic if content qualified for homepage featured which not hard but need quality content.

Let seoclerks publish content on medium for you.

3. Pinterest

Among other social media, I prefer Pinterest for only some niche like interior design, gardening, beauty and fashion, health, SEO, and also work on several other categories.

List of pinterest services offered by seoclerks

On Pinterest you cannot share long articles, instead, you need to post photos only. Infographics are the key to success in the Pinterest market as well as very short videos. You can hire professionals who deal with infographics on seoclerks. They may create infographics for your content so anyone who sees the picture can able to get some idea about your content. One attractive photo explains a lot - which will make your targeted visitor confident about your product or service then he/she may be your referral.

I hope these sites will provide a lot of genuine and free traffic which you are looking for also you may prefer youtube, web 2.0 sites, other social media sites, group etc. Please provide you feedback or suggestion to value my work.



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Thank you so much for this helpful article.

Keep it up.

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I've been responding on Quora for awhile and no noticeable traffic. My answers are lengthy and in depth and I receive many views but no click throughs. I read somewhere the key to using Quora is to start a blog there as people are more likely to follow up by reading the blog rather than clicking on random links in your response.

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