need suggestions and ideas..

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need suggestions and ideas..

I have a small Houston-based computer shop where I offer all kinds of accessories, including gaming systems, PCs and laptops for homes and offices, and more. Despite all of the material, the sale is not satisfying. So here I'm looking for suggestions regarding growing my sales. Kindly share some ideas that can help me improve my overall business


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Good question from you HazelBae.

I would like to suggest that you build an online presence for your business. The online presence include: building an optimized website to get potential Audience from search engines, creating social media page (use any available one in your country), publishing ads on your social media page, and many more. If you already have a website, you need to give it more exposure to get more traffic and hence more sales and more conversions. I think these will surely help your business.

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Without online sales you depent on local community only, so start your online shop, then we can help

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Dear friend,

My question is exactly where is Houston? and where is your shop?

Please try to sell your products offline.

Do not take any kind of help of any website as this is unnecessary money spending. This is a total waste of money, time, and energy.

Pay your taxes on time.
Do merchandise marketing on your products, that would be much better.
After good service provides after-sales service and begs for extra instead of asking for a TIPPED to earn extra pocket money.

What will you do if Google, Twitter, and Facebook will go away from your world?

As you have physical products and services so sell it physically by contacting or advertising on your world.


Still, I can say it all depends on your country where you stay.

If something happens to game products and buyers need exchanges or technical problems or even returning shipment charges.

Don't waste your time on as have only digital products.

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Build up your online presence to get more sales. At least that's what I did and my business is booming like never before.

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hello dear sir

The field of development in the field of development, as it begins with the project of establishing e-commerce destinations.

Hence, I can totally help you.

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I strongly recommend you to search for some good and reliable marketing services that can help you with this stuff there. Besides, you may have at this list of some trustworthy digital agencies UK right there in case you are looking for some safe services and companies right now. Hope that I helped you too.

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In this modern era, you need to make sure you need to provide an easy approach to customers like making a presence on social media and optimizing the pages and websites so that you can make customers attract to your products and services, in a nutshell go for digital marketing. it is time taking process but very effective you can do it yourself if you got time to learn some or hire some branding agency like Brands Design (I would personally suggest). I have been working with them, they are affordable.

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You need to create an online marketplace development. To create such a site, you need to contact professionals; you yourself will not be able to increase your conversion without experience. I once tried to advertise my site myself, but nothing worked and I just lost money. Don't repeat my mistakes.

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