Is 10% selling fee still there?

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Is 10% selling fee still there?

About 10% selling fees. I had heard some of sellers got bomb-ordered by irresponsible buyers. They made fictitious orders and cancel them. As the results, sellers must pay 10% whether or not the orders are done. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this is unfair. I love this site. But 10% selling fees are indeed the drawback that we (sellers) cannot tolerate. 

I suspended my services, anyway, to prevent being rug pulled by buyers. 

Is 10% selling fees still there? Had SEOclerk made any change about this at all? Can someone share experience with me? 


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Whenever, there is problem with selling! - Trust Seoclerk's Support . Highlight the specific issue. They 'll help you certainly.

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Support will get rid of the 10% selling fee?? Really???? COOL!!!! (* insert sarcasm here)

The actual answer is YES, the fee is still there. SC support cannot help you with that, and you still have to pay it on cancelled orders.

Yes, that's unfair.

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Certainly not on fraudulent orders. If that's the case then it is very unfortunate.

Change is constant. We need to adapt and move on.
  • Earlier there was 20% now 10%.
  • Earlier Buyer was able to contact with Inbox only
  • Now they 're able to contact you via whatsapp e.t.c

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