How to increase my sales in seoclerks ?

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How to increase my sales in seoclerks ?

Hello every one, I am a new user in seoclerks from sep3 2013, till now I have completed only 3 order,and I don't know how to increase my sales ?
I am searching a lot but till now its not fruit full.
by the way I am not worry,and I am not expecting I will be a levelX seller with in this few period.but I want to know the genuine tricks how to sell my service more than the expectations.thanks help me regarding this.


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I'm assuming you know how to "Bump" your Service to the First Page of SEOClerks right??
If not, see my Tutorial HERE: 

Or, You can Mark your Services On-Sale, Guaranteed, Create Coupons, etc. 

Submit them to CommunityClerks (SEOClerks Blog) to be promoted or featured on Pages such as

(u can also get your Service or Profile Reviewed Like THESE which appear on the Front Page of the Blog's Feed - SEE GIG HERE

How to increase my sales in seoclerks ?

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Hi, I am new here as a seller although I was already a seoclerks buyer for a long time... But all that time I watched and I learned and then when I felt it was the right time, I started selling.
So here are my tips:
1) Provide bonuses and make offers
The idea is to always over-deliver. I am sure you already know that. 
2) Use social media to promote your gig.
In this day people DO NOT want to wait for anything, EVER...PERIOD. 
DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE WAIT. Respond to their inquiries quickly, always deliver on time; you could even try delivering EARLY.
4) Do not let the buyer leave a negative review.
This is highly important!
5) Use all the features of seoclerks! 
Bump your service, use EXTRAS and "WANT TO BUY" feature is really great! 
6) Be respectful! Be professional!
7)and again -  BE FAST!!!!!
When someone orders your gig, respond by thanking them and if you can, let them know when you'll begin working on their order. I hate dealing with unresponsive sellers. 

=13pxSo again, sellers...communicate with your buyers. Doing so can help avoid unnecessary cancellations=13px and negative reviews. Do not leave them in the dark. Most of them/us are very understanding.How to increase my sales in seoclerks ?

I hope you find this useful, if I come up with new tips I will update!
Thank you!


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There are few tricks I use in my gigs. May be you would find it useful.

1. Add a good Gig Image which motivates people to click and see what you are offering.
2. Place a good description in detail.
3. Always try to offer something more than the value of the gig.
4. Participate in conversations and Forums.
5. Promote your gig outside SEOClerks.

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A best business man always try to look on his/her faults , i will suggest 
Don't make too much expensive gig that no one can buy it , must visit on those people page who are given same service the service you are providing and match your price with their price .

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post a good description with your gig. Create your gig wisely. try not to put all your services in one busket. Make your title short. Do not break any rules of SeoClerks

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You can make a very good description to increase sales, as well as bumping your thread. There's another way to get more sales, but you would need to spend money to get it, and that's the Feature utility. It makes it so that your thread is put on the front page, but you have to buy this service.

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Here are some suggestions that will help you:

  • Bump your services as much as possible. This will put you on the first page, which will increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Use reasonable prices. People do not like HIGH prices on here. If your price is too expensive, then buyers will find somebody cheaper instead.
  • Offer Bonuses. Make sure these bonuses are something on value for the buyer. He/she will be very appreciative and will most likely return for more orders.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,

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For more shell You should advertised your service to social net work and you can post your service link Facebook, Facebook group, twitter shear you link to linding shear , stamble upon etc social site.

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