How to get back my order?

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How to get back my order?

Hi guys,
I am a level 1 user , and i have joined seo on 27 th jan . Recently i got an order and i have completed that order , and i delivered her. But after delivering she is rejected it and atlast it had been cancelled by the administrator. can any one help me to get it back?


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Hi seovins,

If the order has been Admin Canceled it was either an admin cancelation, fraudulent, disputed or unauthorized. In the case of a dispute it may be reopened when/if the dispute is won/closed but for anything else canceled is how it will remain.

You'll need to head to the helpdesk to create a ticket for more specific information about the reason for cancelation. Helpdesk:


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You have to contact the support about that problem. If it´s canceled by support, that can tell you why ;) But the reason why a order get canceled, is that the seller did not delivered as in the service described. But just contact the support and you will get help.

Kind regards Amalie

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