Can anybody tell me how to imprve level in this marketing platform?

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Can anybody tell me how to imprve level in this marketing platform?

I am new for this marketing site, so need some guidance for getting success like what to do to get more orders, what to do so that my advertise should get display on the top page?
How to improve the level? how long it will take to get first order? How to bid for the service?


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Hello Brother you Can Click on below Link for the Best Result

Level 1

Everyone starts out at Level 1. This is the base level and requires no effort.

LimitationsCan't create services for less than $5
Can't Create services for more than $125
Can't Create Coupons that lower a service price more than $5
Longer Clearance Period for Funds
Can't Create Instant Downloads
Can't Create Subscription Services
Withdrawals can go under review, resulting in longer waiting
Withdrawals have a minimum of $10

Level 2

Level 2 sellers are getting serious and earning serious money. To obtain a level two status...

RequirementsSBA Completed/Purchased/Affiliated 10 Orders on time
SBA Have no Infractions (follow the rules)
SBA Your email must be verified
SBA Login Often (once per 14 days)
SBA Account is at least 7 days old
SBA First Completed Sale/Purchase/Affiliate Sale is at least 30 days old
SB Have a 90% rating or higher
S Completed 1 Payment Withdrawal that is 20 days old
S 72 Hour or less response timeBenefitsCan create services for more than $125 (no upper limit)
Payment 4 days after order completion
Can Create Instant Downloads
Can Create Subscription Services
Promotion on IndexKings
Social Bookmarking
Ability to delete public comments on services
Larger instant Withdraw Limit
Withdraw 20 times per 31 days
Withdraw as little as $5

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