Why some PR 0 sites have page 1 on certain keywords?

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Why some PR 0 sites have page 1 on certain keywords?

Hi folks, I'm newbie of SEO. As doing lots of research from the web, many experts expressed that quality links (such as backlinks, social media links, blogs links etc) will help to push a website up in search engine. Moreover, higher PR will also benefit in search engine position. However, recently when I do my research, I found it is not excatly the truth.

For example, I search the keyword 'car service hawthorn' and the site always comes in the first page of google. However, it's PR is 0 and less than 50 backlinks.

Is there any tricks or something I'm missing? Thanks in advance.

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It only needs 1 powerful backlink to get it ranking highly. Google page rank isn't updated anymore and hasn't been for over a year. There are many other factors involved too such as page speed load time, onsite optimisation, code errors, domain age, bounce rate, how often fresh unique content is uploaded, user experience - the list goes on. 

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Like another website with the same keyword search under the, has PR1 and few hundred backlinks but still listed far behind. So, anyone have any idea why? Thanks.


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Let's starts from scratch.

If you are talking about Google. Google have 250+ factors on that basis it ranks site in SERP(Search Engine Result Page).
Backlink is one factor not all. It effects website ranking but only backilnks can not take you to the top of Google's first page.

Factors which affects more

  • Website contents(Must be audience targeted not search engines, No copy contents Google hates copy contents)
  • Domain name(Should be small from 2 to 9 characters is best but u can have 2-18 caracters).
  • Doamin Age(Old domain have more has more faith is google's eye)
  • Page Title(Must be page content targated & not more than 70 characters)
  • Meta Description(Not more than 160 Characters)
  • Page speed(Must be less than 5 seconds).
  • Page requests(No more than 20 requests.)
  • Many other factors are there which can not be discussed easily.

Hope you got the answer.

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PR has been dead for awhile it has not been updated in over 1 yr. I find PR3 accounts all the time that are worthless as there is sometimes no backlinks or spammy backlinks.  Page rank  is not a  real metric anymore... I use. MOZ PA DA+  looking at the quality of the incoming backlinks and other metrics.

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If you mean the search list ranking differs from the page ranking, that is more often the case because the search list is the final result and the page ranking is only a reference that is used by Google for a quicker evaluation. But the backlink sometimes can hit the target that it can afford the website to be in a good position in the search list. Well, we have to agree that SEO is not an exact science and what we are learning today will be evolving tomorrow.

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