What can you do to activate pending order?

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What can you do to activate pending order?

Each day many buyers come to Seoclerks marketplace to purchase service and many of them are new members. So, when they purcahse service, they don't know how to start the order with required information they need to provide to seller. That's how order get stuck in "Pending" status, sometime for long time.

If you as a seller note some of these pending orders without required information, best option is to contact buyer as soon as possible and ask for needed information, so you can proceed with your work. just leave simple message on sales conversation page or send to inbox.

For example:
Title of message: Hi, your order #05050505 is still pending
In the message body you can mention service he / her bought and ask for required information to be submitted as soon as possible so you can start your work. That's how sale will be activated from pending to active.

Let me know if you need any more help.
Thanks by Ajlancer


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Very good point Ajlancer. Hopefully new members will find this tutorial before they make one of this mistakes. And also, sellers now get idea how to fix a problem like this if it occur.

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Yes, this is one of the most tiresome things I face here. Unfortunately many buyers are not aware of it. They think that once they have bought a service there is nothing else for them to do. Once I had an order that was ordered more than three months before, and the buyer realized that he wanted to submit the instructions all those weeks later. As sellers we get an email that someone bought a service from us, but it is only until the buyer submits the instructions that we are able to access the order. I wish this procedure could be improved as I get so many orders which remain pending, and I do not fancy the fact that I get two emails for each order to be honest. Moreover some buyers, even after being contacted still did not understand what they had to do. There were a couple of occasions when they thought I was trying to make them place an order twice! Obviously that was not the case but since there are several who are not that good at understanding english it is increasingly difficult to make this procedure clear to them, or at least that was what happened to me.

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