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Im going to be leveling up soon from level 1 to level 2... Level 1 is 9 clearing days and level 2 is 4 clearing days... Say i had a sale that had 8 days clearing left until it becomes available for withdraw and i leveled...

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    ServiceKing Level 1
  • 3 9 years ago

    Clearing days to move to Balance, sometimes it is 4 days. sometimes 9 days,? and sometimes 11 days. What is the protocol? i mean,? how SEO calculates 'Clearing Days' needed ? Does this changes when user le...

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    zaid Level 1
  • 3 9 years ago

    I have delivered one of my sales to the buyer, but why isn't it saying "Clearing" on the status or "Cleared"? Right now the status is "Delivered" but I don't know what that means. Can someone please explain to me?

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    lolShui Level 1
  • 7 9 years ago

    Hi I see clearing payment for my account. (8$) I see also that i got 4$ available. What is the clearing time ? I tried to find this in the faq. Let me know Thanks

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    pinterestking Level 1
  • 12 9 years ago

    Is upgrading the only way?

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    emson Level 1
  • 10 9 years ago

    It's really annoying, because if someone doesn't leave feedback, you have to wait 10 days for the money to start clearing and then another 10 days or so for the money to clear. As i'm based in Thailand, i then have to...

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    Bert Level X3
  • 4 10 years ago