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May 9, 2012
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here and alive! May 16, 2012

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    1. SoundCloudj
      hello jordan.. i am having problem with redeeming a gift card from my friend. it shows"This gift card is only valid for a specific user. " what shall i do??
    2. Jadster
      Hey Jordan! Haven't talked to you in a while. Great seeing how SEO Clerks has gotten so much larger. Oh, I sent you an email regarding my posting service invoice :)

    3. nerccissboy
    4. palash1987
      Dear Jordan, Please check this Ticket: #BJA-765-83279. Need to your help on this ticket.
    5. Sean101
      Hey, I cant send you a PM because you probs have them disabled due to how active this place is, so just posting a comment here. :P Im happy to become a mod here :D
      1. Haider
        Feeling jealous :D
        Jan 27, 2014
    6. Manuelperrotta
      I would like to have an advise for a serious seo campaign. Can you help me?
    7. klo1029
      ...That's what's my problem !! whenever we request moneygram withdraw the required amount should be deducted from our balance and we should be allowed to withdraw the remaining balance via paypal/payza.... Also my moneygram withdraw request pending for past 3-4days ID = 2602
    8. klo1029
      When i withdraw 150$ from 200$ then I should be allowed to use remaining 50$ while the 150$ withdraw of moneygram is under processing, Cause am in need of remaining money on paypal and i've to wait till the moneygram withdraw gets processed
    9. anshu123
      respected sir,
      . He told me that I have to make design like and have to make change then. I did all things and delivered the file.
      After accepting file by him, i got the revenue. Today It has been cancelled my staff member. Why it happened. Help me. Thanks YOu please check it.
    10. twins124
      Hi Jordan,
      On December 2, 2013 I liked and shared on Facebook your 20% special but I never recevied credits for posting this to my account. Can you please credit them.. Thanks,

    11. Jhonmark12
      There are Not Much Customers at Your Site now... You Should Advertise your Gig.... No Advantage to Feature a Gig at seoclerks now...
      1. seoboyz likes this.
    12. klo1029
      Please add bank wire...For withdraws from seoclerks !! Because i can only use payza for bankwire and since its not available please add bank wire option....!! Please jordan
    13. beso
      why you removed MoneyGram ?
    14. klo1029
      What's going on jordan why demoted to level 1 from level 3 ??? My username = klo1029
    15. ADY23456
      Hi.. friend I'm very sad today.. can you give me a coupon code for me.. I'm from Indonesia I want to buy some followers at seoclerk but I don't have any dollar... and I don't have paypal.. :) please give me a coupon code friends..
    16. jakemadness
      I finally found the thread RSS feed url, I feel kinda stupid now not noticing them sooner lol. I can make some awesome features to promote the forum as well as the main site.
    17. sachinindia98
      i want to invite here my friends but any possible to that i can give them some 5$ or so free coupon ???
    18. thenextian
      how do I restore my account is suspended?
    19. nameless
      .My account got banned because of sharing contact information.I am extremely sorry for that.I did a very wrong thing that I will never do again in my life.Seoclerks is the only earning way of mine.It's about my life.Please try to understand.I started making some money on seoclerks which was a new hope for my life.I know maybe its not in your rules to unbann account.But,I believe no rule is bigger than mankind.
    20. akusayangkamu
      WHY MY ACCOUNT "akucintakamu" has been DELETE :'( i'am have order, I order a lot and everything, have not done :'(
      Admin not responsible, harm members :'(
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