How to bypass phone Verification in gmail

Discussion in 'Google' started by pvaexpert, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. pvaexpert

    pvaexpert New Member

    anyone knows how to bypass phone Verification in gmail.Tried pinger and textnow . Any new methods
  2. Justin

    Justin Active Member

    Do you need phone verification for older gmail accounts or accounts that have just been created?
  3. pvaexpert

    pvaexpert New Member

    Hi there ,
    I need phone verification for new accounts to be created.
  4. johnmith

    johnmith Junior Member

    Yes now the Google asking the mobile SMS verification to create an Gmail account...I think which is running from past 10 Months. And also those are limit chances to create an Gmail account through One Mobile No...
  5. beingatulk

    beingatulk New Member

    I think there is nothing wrong in phone verification. It is used for security purpose so that people do not create several accounts with different Ids and misuse it.
  6. dollarcoupon1

    dollarcoupon1 New Member

    I think if you give an email-address, you don't have to verified by phone. I use to check, i confirm the mail i got to 10minutemail and it was verified...
  7. pvaexpert

    pvaexpert New Member

    10minutemail is good but while your accessing your account again its asking for phone verification.Anyone knew how to make free call forwarding. To a US phone number.
  8. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    The other day, my dad signed up for a Gmail and was able to only use email verification. He got a new Gmail without needing to verify by phone. Wonder why some people are being required to verify by phone and others are not.
  9. pvaexpert

    pvaexpert New Member

    Yes For Creating 3 - 5 accounts is possible but for bulk google is not allowing .
  10. Garret2

    Garret2 New Member

    You dont need phone verification if you make 1 gmail account [​IMG] from your IP.
    Also depends on what type of proxies you use, some times if the proxies are already spammed
    and if you use them for making gmails then they might ask for phone verification.

    Google also check for other things like screen resolution and cookies which is also taken into account
    when making bulk accounts.
  11. Chintan

    Chintan New Member

    If you have created multiple accounts from one IP address then Google will ask you phone verification every time.
  12. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    OK, thank you for the clarification. I have never created more than a few Gmail accounts at a time. And, those were usually game account related and not for SEO purposes.
  13. Redoy94

    Redoy94 New Member

    Yes the gmail account is ask for when you make the multiple accounts from one ip.I don't find anyway to bypass phone verification in gmail.
  14. loulou

    loulou Active Member

    I have a few gmail accounts and do not recall having to verify them over the phone. I know that yahoo requires that.
  15. twilight

    twilight Active Member

    Yes yahoo does require that. I have maybe 5 yahoo accounts and I have had to start verifying them.
  16. Tommy Matalino

    Tommy Matalino Active Member

    This is basically the reason why Google implements it.
    You can use a friend's phone or one from a family member to verify it. It's not that hard. Plus, the sms is free of charge.
  17. Tommy Matalino

    Tommy Matalino Active Member

    Then, do you have any idea to bypass it?

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