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    Twitter is one of the most used social networking site. It started with with idea of micro blogging, were people post updates or events of there life in 140 characters. Twitter almost overtook facebook, when celebrities started tweeting there views on controversial subjects or using twitter as a medium to promote there movies/events. The reason behind twitter being more popular than facebook, was it's uniqueness and verified celebrity profiles. After celebrities common man also started using twitter as medium to share his/her views on various topics without worrying about blog creation, for writing there thoughts.
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    Soon many companies and websites after seeing the growing popularity of tweets, they started posting updates about their company products, schemes, etc. Some critics created there profile to give review on new products! Basically, till now everything was about sharing information through a social networking site. Analyzing this chaos, somebody came up with idea to make money using twitter. It brings use to our tutorial topic, earning money using twitter. Prerequisite for successful implementation of this tutorial is that you should have at least 500 targeted followers (that is, followers who have similar interest as your or your tweets) on your twitter account. For example, if you tweet about programming language and you have many followers related to literature field then it will be unfruitful!
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    All the tricks through which you can earn money via twitter, involves selling your tweet or re-tweets in one way or the other. Without further delay, let me share ways to earn money via twitter.
    • Write Reviews: Based on your twitter account niche (that is, type of followers you have), search for a job (online) were you will get paid for posting reviews about product. Once you find a job, bid for it, grab bit and start reviewing their products and services on your twitter account.
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    • Use Affiliate Links: There are many sites like linkshare, commission junction, etc. which pay you for referring someone on there site. So, get your referral link, also known as affiliate link, and start sharing it via tweets. Make sure your tweets shouldn't look spam!
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    • Start Advertising: If you have more than 10k followers, then you can directly sell a product through your twitter account. If you don't have any product of your own, then buy something at cheap price and sell them online. Simple, buy-sell concept! If you are selling product, make sure you share the pic of the product and if you are advertising a service then share feedback through tweet(s).
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    If certain link/url is suspended or banned by twitter, then use url shorteners to post your tweets. I hope this tutorial was worth reading and will help you in earning few extra bucks online. In next tutorial I'll share about sponsored advertisements programs available on twitter. So, stay tuned to Webmaster Tutorials!
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    Very insightful tutorial. But don't you think sharing affiliate links violates twitter TOS ? :oops:
  3. angie828

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    Nice tutorial. I may have to take some of this into consideration.
  4. shek

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    Yes, if you start spamming! I've already said it in tutorial. Be smart and use the money making opportunity effiiceintly without spamming twitter :)

    Welcome :)
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    That is amazing! I always thought sharing affiliate links can screw my twitter account :)
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    Most importantly, twitter has become the most popular social site as of now, almost all the companies, online businesses are taking help of Twitter for promotion and update purposes.
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    Very nice tutorial. Makes me want to make some money with twitter.
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    Nice post...makes me want to make some money with twitter.
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    Affiliate links in Tweets is the best way to earn money as commission. But don't spam the platform, and earn trust of your followers.
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    So cool. I am not very good with twitter but would love to make some money off it.

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