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    In last tutorial, http://www.seoclerks.com/forum/threads/how-to-earn-money-using-twitter.2905/, I discussed about making money through twitter by reviewing, advertising and affiliate marketing. I'll be continuing the tutorial on how to make money with twitter in this installment. Let me explain you the meaning of sponsored ads and how are they different from things I posted in first episode of this tutorial. Sponsored ads are the ads, were you showcase the ad created by somebody. The ad can showcase about a service or a product. It is similar to commercials you see on television channels. Here commercials are sponsored ads and your twitter account is TV channel. I hope this comparison gave you better understanding of sponsored advertisement.
    Make money twitter sponsored ads.jpg
    For a sponsored advertisement you don't have to create ad campaign, you have to use your twitter account as medium to tweets the ads given to you. It is different from review, as in review you give genuine review. It is different from affiliate links, as affiliates pay you only when somebody is registering to there site or buying something. It is also different than simple advertising, as in simple advertising you are given a product or a service and you have to come with tag lines and content revolving around it. In sponsored ads you are given with content! So, you job is to just promote it ;). Pretty simple isn't it? But how do you find genuine and legalized sponsored ads?
    TV commercial is same as earning money via sposored ads in twitter.png
    In this tutorial I'll be talking about genuine sponsors, which you can use legally in twitter. Without delaying further, let me list down genuine sponsors.
    • Make money using Twittad: Twittad is one of the most safe and secure way to earn money via twitter. It is also, one of the first advertisers on twitter. You need to register an account with them before posting sponsored ads through your account. Registration is free, so you don't have to worry about investment! Minimum payout is $30, so once you reach $30 threshold, you can cashout money to your paypal account.
      twittad make money twitter sponsored ads.jpg
    • Magpie's way to earn money: Magpie is the first sponsored advertising program on twitter. It is highly customizable, that is you can choose whom to send tweet or make a tweet visible. You can advertise 1-2 times a day!
      earn money twitter using magpie.jpg
    • Bukisa helps you earn extra bucks: It is a 3 tier referral program, that is you can earn through your referrals, upto 3 levels, as well! It pays you not only when an ads is clicked, but also when an ad is viewed on your twitter profile or on your blog. Another advantage of bukisa is that, you can use it as a online publisher for a blog. So, you can earn extra money :D
      earning money using bukisa twitter.jpg
    Let me share the most important tactic to share sponsored ads on twitter. Don't spam your twitter account with sponsored ads! Otherwise you might loose your valuable followers. Choose a random number, say 5, and then post sponsored ad. In other words, only after 5 genuine tweets post a sponsored ad.
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    Great post. I have always wondered how to make money with twitter. I do not tweet that much but if I could make money off it that would be great.
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    Very nice Shek...you have done it once again.:)
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    Great post....now if I could just make money with twitter.
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    I too have always wondered how others make money off twitter. Thanks for this advice.
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    Nice post. I like it a lot.
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    I do not know that much about twitter but this is helping me learn more. Great post.
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