How to fix frequent Google Chrome Crash - Creating new Chrome Profile

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  1. shek

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    Fixing frequent crashes is one of the most important thing which webmaster should understand. It not only helps in analyzing your site better but also it has extensions which can show how your site looks in different browsers. In short, it has a plugin which can help you in understanding compatibility of your on various types of browser on various platform. It is really important for a webmaster to understand that compatibility of there site is extremely important, as many internet users are moving towards smart phone! I've already discussed more points in first installment,, of this tutorial series.
    Chrome crash icon.jpg
    I hope now you understand importance of fixing google chrome crash. Also, if you find your chrome is crashing due to shockwave flash, then please visit to understand how to fix it. After trying first and second installments, if your chrome is still crashing then you can try following ways to fix frequent google chrome crash.
    chrome crash error reporting.png
    • Create New Chrome Profile: If your chrome profile is corrupted then also your chrome might crash often. In this situation, you have to create new profile.
      1. Launch chrome, click on chrome's menu and then from drop down select "settings" option or type "chrome://chrome/settings/" in address bar and press enter.
      2. Search for user section in settings page and then click on "add new user".
        creating new profile google chrome.png
      3. After that pick a avatar and nickname for the new user profile and start using that profile by default.
        username and avatar chrome.png
      4. Restart chrome and check if your chrome is still crashing. With high probability chrome will not crash when you use new profile. But if it still crashes (which will rarely happen) then look into next section, of fixing system files.
    • Fixing System File related Issues: Sometimes system files get corrupted, which can indirectly corrupt chrome files. So, we have to fix system files.
      1. Launch command prompt as administrator. By right clicking on command prompt and then selecting "run as administrator".
        opening command prompt as administrator.png
      2. Type SFC.EXE /SCANNOWin command prompt and press enter.
        scanning in process chrome crash.png
      3. If there are any issues then windows will fix it automatically. Once scanning is complete, your chrome crash issue should be fixed.
    To addon, if your chrome is still crashing then try reinstalling chrome. If it doesn't fix your problem, then I guess it will be due to hardware issues related to RAM. So, please do memory diagnostics using memory diagnostics tools. It will report all the issues related to it. If it reports anything about overflow of memory, then please upgrade your RAM. I hope this tutorial was worth reading and helpful. :)
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    Very nice post Shek. You seem pretty knowledgable about this stuff.
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    Wonderful job here Shek.
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    Great post Shek!
  5. priya

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    I found this tutorial by accident, and I'm happy about it. SFC.exe saved my system from unusal crashes. Thanks a lot shek :)
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    Awesome Shek! Many will need this I am sure.
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    Nice Tutorial Shek, hope your post helped others
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