How to fix frequent Google Chrome Crash - Shockwave Flash crash

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by shek, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. shek

    shek Active Member

    In this tutorial, I'll discuss about how to fix frequent chrome browser crash, if it is due to adobe flash! You can look into fix for other type of crashes in my previous tutorial, I'm pretty sure you might have seen following screen,
    shockwave flash crash chrome browser.jpg
    If you see above screen rarely, then you needn't worry about it. But if you see it frequently and suddenly chrome stops working, then you need to fix it. In this tutorial, I'll explain how to fix google chrome which crashes because of flash. Unlike other browser, I've seen chrome is more susceptible to shockwave crashes. Only reason for that problem is that chrome is not going well with adobe flash! The reason why Chrome is more susceptible is because chrome handles flash content by itself, by calling native libraries of adobe flash. Other browsers, just call flash installation of host system but chrome install flash internally again! When I said chrome uses native libraries calls, it means if everything is going well then chrome is the best browser in sense of efficiency It is just that you have to deal with a con if chrome is offering so many advantages.
    chrome flash crash.JPG
    To be more specific, why chrome might crash more often than other browser is because sometimes it gets confused and attempts to use both OS installed flash and it's internal flash. You will know about that chrome is crashed due to flash when you see warning, which says "The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash". Though it says shockwave flash, it doesn't mean it crashed due to shockwave. It has crashed due to adobe flash! Without further delay, let me list down the steps you need to perform for fixing google chrome crashes due to flash.
    1. Launch google chrome broswer.
    2. In address bar type chrome://plugins/ and then press enter. Once you press enter you will see following screen, which shows list of plugins installed on your PC with chrome.
      plugins chrome window.png
    3. Observe the list carefully and look for flash. If it has 2 entries then with high probability the cause of chrome crash is conflict between these two plugins. Click on [+] symbol followed be details (on top right), in this window.
    4. When you click on detail button, then you will see one entry of flash is due to internal chrome flash and another is for system your OS installation. You need to disable chrome's internal installation of flash.
    5. Click on disable hyperlink, the hyperlink which is linked to chrome internal installation that is the dll pointing to appdata\local\google folder. Once you disable it, you will following screen,
      disabling internal flash installation google chrome.png
    6. Close all the instances of your chrome browser and launch it again to continue browsing normally!
    Isn't it simple? This trick comes with a side-effect. After you disable internal flash, then chrome will not alert you for flash upgrades. You need to update your OS flash manually or when OS installed flash alerts you! Hope this tutorial was useful and made you aware of something new. I'll come back with another way to fix frequent chrome crashes (which doesn't deal with flash crash) ASAP. Till then happy browsing ;)
  2. Miken34

    Miken34 Active Member

    Nice tutorial. I have had it crash on me several times. Will take this advice and fix it now.
  3. tionna

    tionna Regular Member

    Awesome...will let you know how it works for me.
  4. ralph101

    ralph101 Well-Known Member

    Job well done. This will help many out.
  5. growtraffic

    growtraffic Regular Member

    Nice :D . Thanks for helping
  6. tangee

    tangee Active Member

    Wow I do believe that this will come in rather handy for me.
  7. mandy

    mandy Junior Member

    Great tutorial! Seems like this always crashes for me.
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