How to fix frequent Google Chrome Crash

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by shek, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. shek

    shek Active Member

    Google chrome, is one of the best browsers available to mankind! It is not only a great browser for common man, but also for a webmaster and web designer. It has inbuilt firebug tool, which helps you to understand about webdesign. According to many survey results, google chrome is tops the list of top 10 browsers! Another reason for liking google chrome is that it's latest version scores more than 450 (out of 500) in I've never seen a browser which can beat google chrome in html5 compatibility. I guess, now you understand it's importance and greatness of chrome. So, what will you do if your chrome crashes frequently?
    Google chrome generally doesn't crashes. But if it crashes, it means there is some issue with your PC. As a webmaster you need to understand how to fix it, for your own benefit. In this tutorial I'll discuss the ways to fix frequent crashes of google chrome in step-by-step manner. Google chrome can crash because of conflicts, malware, flash or system problems. In this tutorial I'll discuss about fixing issues related to conflicts & malware.
    • Resolving Conflicts: Google chrome has some issues with some softwares/extensions. Google acknowledges it! Check for more info about google acknowledging this issue.
      1. Launch Google Chrome
      2. Type chrome://conflicts/ in address bar.
      3. Look for red color font in browser window. You will see list of software or plugins which chrome interacts with. If you don't see anything in red then go to next section, malware. If you see red marked software then go to next step.
      4. Upgrade (to latest version of) the applications which are marked in red. If it doesn't fix the issue, go to next step.
      5. This step is valid only if some chrome plugin is causing crashes. Disable plugin from chrome://chrome/extensions/ and check. If it doesn't fix the problem then go to next step.
      6. Uninstall conflicting software! I'm pretty sure after this step, chrome crash issue will be resolved. If it is not, then see next section, malware!
    • Malware: Malware/virus/trojan can interfere with google chrome functioning and causes it to crash. So, please do a deep or full scan of your system using good anti virus like kaspersky (paid), avast (free) or Microsoft Security Essentials (free). Once you see some threats then please resolve those using anti virus. If you have recently scanned your system using your current anti virus and it showed no threats, then I would suggest do a online scan or get second opinion from another anti virus!
    As an addon to this tutorial, I'll share another internal url of chrome. Type chrome://crashes/ in address bar to see log of how many times your chrome crashed and reason for it. It will help you in doing some data mining ;). If you still face frequent crash, then please look for next tutorial by me to know resolution for crashes due to flash or system errors. :)
  2. angie828

    angie828 Contributing Member

    Shek you are the man. I really needed this a few months ago!
  3. Miken34

    Miken34 Active Member

    Angie were you having issues with this as well? I have had trouble with it since I have been using it!
  4. tionna

    tionna Regular Member

    Nice post.
  5. ralph101

    ralph101 Well-Known Member

    I have had it crash on me. Will try this out for sure.
  6. angie828

    angie828 Contributing Member

    Yes and it was getting pretty old!
  7. priya

    priya Junior Member

    So, did this tutorial helped you in fixing your issue?
  8. tangee

    tangee Active Member

    Hate google chrome for this reason. Always crashes on me.
  9. priya

    priya Junior Member

    I guess you need to follow the steps shared by shek ;)
  10. autumn

    autumn New Member

    Personally I prefer IE, but I often switch them, depending upon which site I use
  11. sunil0021

    sunil0021 Administrator Staff Member

    wow, nice sharing :) helpful stuff!

    - Sunil Bishnoi
  12. growtraffic

    growtraffic Regular Member

    Good post, thanks for sharing
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