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    Creating a facebook page for your site and driving traffic through that page comes under social media optimization (SMO). But, here million dollar question is, how do you drive traffic from a facebook page ? Answer to this question is simple. Attract as many viewers/fans as possible to your facebook page. As that facebook page is created for your site, it will indirectly reflect traffic for your site. After understanding this, next question is, how to attract users to your facebook fanpage page ? Again, answer is simple. Get more likes and shares for your facebook page. This answer, leads to another interesting question. It is, How do I get facebook likes for my fanpage and how do I get many shares for your facebook fanpage. In this tutorial, I'll answer first question (How to get likes for a facebook page) and indirectly it will answer second query.
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    In this tutorial I'll not suggest illegal ways, like to buy likes, as those "likes" doesn't do any good to your facebook page. It is actually waste of money, as those like are mostly from robot or fake facebook accounts. It means they will not visit your facebook page after liking it. So, basically those likes are useless. You should try to get likes from targeted users. Let me get this point straight, you will get targeted likes only if you share/write great content on your fanpage. So, I'll share the trick to do so. Here are some tricks, which will help you in getting more likes,
    • Buy Facebook ad slot : It is one of the easiest way to find targeted users. Once you buy facebook ads slot, you don't have to worry about target audience. As facebook will show the ads only to users who have similar interest, as that of ad. So, if user is interested then he/she will visit your fanpage and might like it. Another advantage of facebook ads is that you free impressions. Only problem with this approach is, you need to invest!
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    • Maintain consistency : Spend at least 10 mins a day on your fanpage. It implies post something or the other at least 5 times a week. Reply to comments, messages and posts posted by your fanpage users. It will help in maintaining user engagement. I needn't explain you about importance of user engagement, right ?
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    • Use Images and Videos : You shouldn't concentrate only on text updates. Make sure you upload relevant images and videos on your fanpage. It is because images are the most shared and liked content on facebook.
    • Short is Better : Make sure you post short updates. Ideal post will be of 75 - 150 words with relevant image/video (if any). If you keep your updates/post short it increases possibility of getting liked by users upto 70% ! As short updates are quick to read.
      shorter is better.PNG
    • Be Relevant : If your fanpage is dedicated to some niche, then you should always try post about that niche. An occasional out of niche post will be ok ! If your fanpage isn't dedicated to specific niche, then post about latest trend ! You can get latest trend from google trends or twitter trend.
    • User are more Important : People will like your page only if you share something which can connect with people. Make use of voice modulation technique in writing. Never let user feel that you are bored and writing only for traffic or others !
    • Start Contest : Contests are great way to get more fans and users. The gift you give to the winner needn't be expensive, it has to be useful ! Contest can be based on anything. It can be on number of tweets/retweets a user does with your site name as hashtag or like a pic or share a post. It deepens users interaction on you page.
    • Ask : Once you have fan base. Ask them to share or like post on your fanpage and then facebook will automatically post it on there wall. It will help in visibility of your fanpage. Note : More visibility => More possibility of getting likes.
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    • Offer Quality : Before you update, share or upload anything on your fanpage, ask yourself if the content is useful or valuable to your fans or not. If your fans don't find it valuable/interesting then they will not like/share your update !
    • Try to introduce Humor : Even if your fanpage deals with serious matter, you can always introduce humor (in sarcastic way as well) then it will attract more likes.
    • Follow the Trend : Whatever you share shouldn't be offbeat. I mean the update you post should go with current or future news but not past. Just go with it (trend). We (humans) don't like old updates. So, keep you post updated.
    • Educational & Social Post : The post you share should be educational. People love tutorials, tricks, tips and guides. Also, the post which make people aware about evils of society are highly liked and shared.
    • Exchange Likes : Last but not the least, try to exchange likes with reputed fanpage owners, who has similar fanpage niche. It is different than buying likes, as the like will from real source and a facebook brand ! So, people might come to your page those pages and like your page if they feel your page has something to offer.
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    The tricks in above list is not exhaustive. I've shared tips which I thought to be most important to get facbook likes. If you feel I've missed anything, then I welcome you to add those through your comments, Err.. post. Also, if you feel the list I've shared is futile or you don't agree with the some or all points, then we can discuss about it. I hope the tricks to get likes on your facbook fanpage shared in this tutorial were not futile or trivial for most of you. To addon, I guess with this tutorial you got the answer for getting more shares. As more likes might get you more shares !
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    As always...excellent.
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    Very nice tips! I appreciate much!

    And in SeoClerks there are also many gigs available for Facebook Fans in little bucks!
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    but I never see someone who provide targeted likes for any country. I hope someone here will can do for it:)
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    Alot of people are using exchange platforms where you like someones page and in return you get 2 credits = 2 other users like your page. Search google and stop buying likes lol Its a waste of money!
  6. spiderwave

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    Of course you will find some sellers who sells Country Specific Likes!
    Even I perform that! Noone listed individually bcoz Price varies for countries.
  7. spiderwave

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    I think you are a newbie in Internet Marketing :p
    And for your kind information, Things and Strategies mostly Not Reaveled in Internet, Every Marketing-Master has their own reason & Intensity. So until you have enough reason to dislike, don't Disagree with a Strategy! :eek:
    And yes, now-a-days Its cheeper, and In SeoClerk its Cheapest price for Facebook Likes/Followers. SO, whats the cons of buying likes in some bucks? You are not supposed to invest/expense lots of $$ in it right? ;)
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    lol Ive got tons of likes and followers stored in my traffic exchanges that I got for free hence the reason I personally wouldn't buy any, I wouldn't buy followers, likes, RT's I would buy/create accounts and use software like tweetsattack to create mass followings rather than pay cash for it.
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    thanks for this nice tips.
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    You can request it in seoclerks, and I'm pretty sure somebody will put a service for you ;)
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    I like the idea of exchanging likes. A great way to get and receive.
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    Yes tangee it is a great way to get some likes. Wonderful idea.
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    aww.. finallly, thankssss for nice tips
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    I think for increase your facebook Fan page. we have to share our page to g+,twitter,linkedin, used add me fast for increase like.
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    Great article here Shek!
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    At it again Shek. Very nice.
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    Awesome tutorial. Great job on this, some helpful info is on here.
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    Cool Shek. I like your thinking of getting the likes that are targeted and going to stay!
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    Images get click and notices twice as much as text post. So utillised images and ask for the like. You will get people to like your page more by asking them to like your page.
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    These tips are wonderful Shek!

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