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    In my last tutorial, How to Improve My Website User Experience, I've explained about UX, it's importance for a website and few tricks which you need to implement for a site to be successful. I hope you understood every bit and piece of it. In this tutorial, I'll be listing few more tricks you need to implement or make it perfect, if it is already implemented. Without further delay, I'll start listing more tips for a site to have great UX.
    • Reduce Page Load Time: If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, then more than 40% visitors will abandon your site and move to next for the information they need. It is because page load time is also considered as one of the most import aspect for UX. If you want detailed information about your website page load time then visit Test my site loading speed. Let me share few tricks from experience on how to decrease page load time,
      • Decrease number plugins or gadgets you use on your site. Gadgets and plugins slow your webpage or site. So, try to remove unnecessary gadgets.
      • Use thumbnails instead of full size images. It is because full size images need fast broadband speed and not every internet user is on high speed broadband!
      • Remove flash content, if any! If you have flash then remove it ASAP. If you can't remove flash then please optimize it and make sure it doesn't take hell lot of time for loading. Also, try to do post load for flash content. Post load is loading something after full page is loaded.
      • Retest your site whenever you add, edit or delete anything from your site or webpage.
    • Optimize site for Mobile: More than 30% of internet users browse through tablet, smart phones or mobile phones. So, if your site isn't optimized for mobile you are not providing good user experience to 30% of internet users! Note that, the percentage of tablet and mobile users will increase. So, it can be one of the most important factor in long term.
    • Click-able Logos: Many times after reading a post, user want to redirect to home page. So, you have to give a backlink to your homepage from any page through your site logo.
    • Consistency in Content: You need to concentrate on relevancy and consistency of content. If you keep jumping from one topic to another, then with high probability user will be confused about your site. Most user tend to have uni-dimensional view when they are looking for something and land on your site. So, make sure you don't get deviated from content and it's relevancy.
    • Readability is Important: You should use bold, italics, underline, headlines, quotes and correct font color & size (whenever required) for your site. It gives better readability to user.
    • Be Trustworthy: Being trustworthy means you don't misuse your site visitor details. If user trust your site, they come to your site again & again as they feel like home. So, building trust is also very important factor for better user experience.
    If you implement tricks mentioned in this tutorial series then I'm can assure you that your site will have better retention rate of internet users, as all these tricks help you improving UX.
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    Awesome post Shek. I like your way of thinking.
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    Nice tips and tricks here Shek!
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    I like being trustworthy on here! IT really does make sense and everyone should strive for this.
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    Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
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    very nice post thanks
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    Reducing page load time is essential. No one wants a long load time!
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    Nice post, well written.
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    Exactly. I have left pages before when they take forever to load.

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