Tutorial How to keep your wordpress blog Safe & Secure - Part 4

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    This is the last episode of keeping your wordpress blog safe and secure. In this chapter, I'll talk about security plugins which you should have on your blog. These plugins will help keep hackers away for sometime, so knowing about these plugins will give your blog a bit more security. Without further delay, I start listing & explaining about most important security plugins which you should install on your wordpress blog.
    • Secure Wordpress Plugin: This plugin is mainly like a security patch for any wordpress blog. It closes most common backdoor entries, so that hackers find it difficult to break into your blog. It also places index.php file (remember hiding directory listing from part - 3, http://www.seoclerks.com/forum/threads/how-to-keep-your-wordpress-blog-safe-secure-part-3.2789/, of this tutorial series) in wp-includes folder automatically. So, installing this plugin helps your blog from hackers by closing most common vulnerabilities.
      To addon, it removes/block/hide stuffs like error information, windows live writer, core update information, plugin or theme update information and bad queries (sql injection) from normal user(s) or non-admin user(s).
    • WP Security Scan: It deals with most security issues, just like secure wordpress plugin. It also deals with few more things like file permissions, hiding version of wordpress, passwords, keeping data in database more secure, removing WP generator meta tag from actual template of your WP theme and protects admin account. So, it is a great plugin to have for your blog. It does most stuffs, which I've been talking, automatically.
    The plugins I mentioned work effectively only on wordpress version 3.0 or higher. So, make sure you update your wordpress version to 3.0 or higher to install these plugins. In conclusion, let me tell you something, if you implement the tricks, I've shared, it will help you in not getting hacked by a rookie. But I don't give guarantee that your blog can't be hacked after doing all these stuff, as some smart hacker can always comeback with better ideas on hacking a wordpress blog! So, keep a backup of your data. With this installment, I conclude my tutorial on How to keep wordpress blog secure. :)
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    Great final episode of this Shek. Keep up the great posts!
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    What a great read. Awesome job.
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