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    This is the last part of the optimizing article trilogy. I'll be continuing from my last tutorial, http://www.seoclerks.com/forum/threads/how-to-optimize-article-of-a-wordpress-blog-part-2.2618/. As I said it is the last part of the trilogy, it means in this tutorial I'll be talking about optimizing images in an article. Again, I'll discuss importance of images in an article and how does optimizing images can get you more visitors. After talking about importance of image optimization, I'll share tricks which will help you in squeezing maximum traffic from the images your share on your blog/site.
    SEO image.png
    Images in an article brings beauty and interest in it. What do I mean by that statement ? Let me explain it by giving you an example. Suppose you come across a great article on some site. Assume it has more than 1000 words without any image ! Just imagine this scenario. Now, you see what I was talking about ? I mean, do you think a visitor will continue reading an article without having interest or something which is pleasant to his/her eyes ? No, right ? To give live example, will you read any of my tutorials if I don't have images embedded ? I don't think so. I mean most tutorials, by there nature are boring. Images gives more meaning to an article and it helps in user engagement. So, having few images in an article is really important.
    image in article.PNG
    Once you understand importance of images in an article. It is time for you to understand why you should optimize images in your blog. The most important factor which drives me to concentrate on image optimization (SEO) is page load time. Let us assume you have uploaded an image and published your article. Now, when user loads that page, he/she has to download that image as well to see full article. If image isn't optimized then it will load slowly and it will effect page load time ! In other words, it will increase overall page load time. It will effect your site ranking in google or any search engine, for that matter. With this example, I hope you understand importance of optimizing images you share in your article. Now, let me discuss about tips to optimize sharing images through a wordpress blog.
    page load time.jpg
    • Write good image titles : Every image you share on your blog should have a valid and descriptive name. It is because google/bing images shows images from sites based on title of a image they crawl. It also means, you might get extra traffic via google/bing images. For example, if I share following image in my blog,
      seoclerks logo.PNG
      then name or title of image should be "Seoclerks logo.png" or "Seoclerks_Logo.png" but not "1.png" or "logo.png", as these aren't descriptive. I mean when you give name as 1 or logo, it doesn't signify anything. Note that, extension of an image can be anything. I took png images for a specific example.
    • Always use ALT attribute : Once you have good title for your image, you should have description for your image. The advantage of this attribute is, the text you write here is visible when image is getting loaded or images didn't got loaded. Also, if is visible when user blocks images using addons/plugins of browser. For example, if I share following image in my blog,
      seoclerks logo.PNG
      then alt attribute will have text something like "Earn money online by selling gigs on seoclerks. The image is logo of seoclerks site" or "Seoclerks logo". By default wordpress inserts empty string in alt attribute. So, you will have to give this explicitly.
    • Automate ALT attribute text : There is a plugin, SEO friendly images, for wordpress blog which will give meaningful text in alt attribute. With use of this plugin, if you have meaningful name for your image, then you needn't specify alt tag explicitly.
      customize alt plugin wordpress.PNG
    • Give Suffix : If the image you are sharing is in high definition then it will better if you append "HD" in name of the image. You can append resolution, free or paid, desktop wallpaper, etc. to name of the image.
    • Use Thumbnails : Always use thumbnails on homepage or webpage. Load full image only when user clicks on it. Similar to the way I've shared images here. I mean, I embed thumbnails in tutorials, and when you click on image you can see full image. It will help in improving page load time !
      thumbnail to actual image on click.png
    • Use JPG or PNG images : JPEG or JPG and PNG images occupy less size than other formats. It is because they have better compression algorithm implemented. It does have a disadvantage, that image might loose it's clarity when zoomed. So, try to use these format images when you don't care much about clarity of image but you use images just to put your point.
    In conclusion of this tutorial, I would like to quote "1 image = 100 words !". This quote explains everything you want to know about importance of an image in an article. With these tricks I would like to conclude this part of trilogy ! I can guarantee, if you follow all the tricks I've shared in these trilogy you will never get penalized by any search engine and your site will have an edge over others. Also, you will never have to worry about any update like penguin or panda. I hope all the tutorials, in this trilogy, I've shared has something for you to learn. Now, I can only hope that you will try to implement these tricks and gain maximum benefit.
    trilogy ends.PNG
    p.s. When I said use images, please don't over use it. It might cause unnecessary distraction. So, use the advice I gave wisely ! ;)
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