How to optimize Article of a wordpress blog - Part 1

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    Anybody can write articles, as it is easy to write if you don't thing about grammar & SEO ! Articles which are written without thinking, doesn't get indexed easily by google or any search engine. In most cases, badly written articles are penalized and it will effect overall reputation of a website, in which article was published. If you don't write optimized articles on your blog, then you will it difficult to attract visitors. In this I'll not talk about optimizing article offpage. To know about offpage/offsite optimization of your article/webpage/website visit In other words, I'll talk/discuss about ways to optimize article onpage.
    article optimization.PNG
    To understand onpage tricks of optimizing an article, you need to understand about components of article. Article consists of title and description. In most cases, description consists of text and images. So, in this tutorial we will try to understand how to optimize article title and its description. Prerequisite for understanding this tutorial is that you should know a bit of wordpress dashboard structure, HTML and CSS. To implement tricks, you might need to use All in One SEO plugin. So, make sure you have all the tools and understand basics of wordpress, html and css.

    I'm dividing this tutorial into 3 parts. It will help you concentrate on topic individually.
    1. Optimizing Article Title: Title is the face of URL. I mean whatever you write in title, it is reflected in URL. So, it is quite important to understand tricks to optimize title.
    2. Optimizing Description Text: Content/text is explanation of title, which user reads.
    3. Optimizing Description Image: Image optimization will help you get visitors from google and bing images!
    In part -1, we will discuss about optimizing article title only. The content of title is enclosed by title tag (eg: <title>SEOClerk title example</title>). It is one of the most important factor for getting ranked in google/bing search. Title is not only visible on browser tab/window, but also it is visible on search results. Just follow steps given below to maximize returns,
    • Get title right. On many blogs, title looks something like <Blog name> - <Blog Archive> - <Actual title of article> or <Blog name> - <Actual title of article>. You have to change it to <Actual title of article> - <Blog title>, that is other way around. Reason behind this theory is, search engines give more weight age or importance to words from left to right ! Another reason is "readability" for user/visitor. You can see optimized version in this forumas well.
      title seo.PNG
      Note: '-' is a delimiter. You can use anything, like this site uses '|'.
    • Use SEO Plugin. You can change format of title using All in One SEO plugin. Go to SEO section and then navigate to post types. In this section, search for title template section. Edit it as per your requirement or suggestion I gave (to yield maximum results).
      title format.PNG
    • Use optimize Title for every webpage. Make sure you have optimized webpages which doesn't actually contain articles. Here I'm referring to pages like 404 pages, categories and search pages. Try to follow below given suggestions,
      • For Search Pages format should be "You searched for <Search phrase> - <Blog name>".
      • For 404 page format should be "Page not found : Error 404 - <Blog name>".
      • For categories page format should be "<category/tag> - <Blog name>".
    • Use customized meta Tag. Never use same meta tag for every webpage. Customize it using meta tag while writing your article.
    • Optimize snippet. Make sure you have keywords in snippet of your webpage. You can set it using All in One SEO plugin. Look for snippet previewand make sure you have blog keyword and article keyword in it.
    In optimization of title, I've listed optimizing meta tag and snippet. It is because they don't come under title, but they are like branches of title. So, it was important for me list them in this tutorial. I hope this tutorial was beneficial for everyone and most you might try it. Do let us know the results after trying the tips I shared. To addon, I'll be sharing part-2 (which talks about optimizing content/text of a article) of this tutorial soon, stay tuned !! ;)
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    good quality share but now is better and easier to use authority sites to avoid all the hard work
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    Very good tips.. But why is this only part 1 ;)
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    Great share, keep them coming.
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    Thanks for Explaining in details, With the Title, Keywords, Description Etc, one Very Important plugin in Wordpress which known as "ALL IN ONE SEO" after installing this plugin, You can easily and better optimize each posted article with word press site. Which is already Explain above in the better way.

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    Firstly Thanks for the great article.....

    and i never all in SEO plugin but fight now I'm using Yoast plugin this one working good and its have Focus Keyword, this will help the search engine too.

    Thanks again....
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    Great information has been posted
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    its helpful for me , anyone help me how to improve my skill with a good article writing tips

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