Tutorial How to Take Backup of your Wordpress Blog - Part 2

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    In first installment, http://www.seoclerks.com/forum/threads/how-to-take-backup-of-your-wordpress-blog-part-1.2898/, of this tutorial I shared the way to backup your posts, pages and feedback. It didn't include the procedure for backup of wordpress blog database ! When you take backup of your wordpres blog database, you are actually taking backup of all content (post, pages and feedback), stats, comments, plugins, subscribers data and other useful customized settings of your blog. In this chapter, I'll discuss on steps involved in taking database backup. It would involve help of a plugin, portable phpMyAdmin, if you don't know about MySQL. In other words, if you know how to use MySQL then you might not need potable phpMyAdmin plugin.
    wordpress blog backup.jpg
    Without further delay, I'll start listing down the steps you need to follow to take your wordpress database backup.
    1. Download & Install: If you are familiar with MySQL or you have portable phpMyAdmin installed, then you can skip this step. Goto portable phpMyAdmin official site and download latest version of this plugin. Upload it, using any ftp client like filezilla, to your blog and install or activate the plugin. Once you install portable phpMyAdmin plugin, you can access phpMyAdmin section from your dashboard.
    2. Login: If you are using MySQL then login to your phpMyAdmin console and select the database of your blog, to take back up.
    3. Export: Once you are connected with database, look for export tab and then click it.
    4. Choose Compression Algorithm: In export tab you will have an option to export database in various types of compressed file formats. Personally I choose gzip format, as it is one of the most popular format for compressing files.
    5. Take Backup: Once you choose a file format, click on execute. When you click on execute button, a window pops out, which gives you an option to save file.
    6. Save the file: Save the file and you are done! You have completed the procedure to take backup of your blog using portable phpMyAdmin or MySQL.
      save file.jpg
    Pretty simple, isn't it? You needn't use portable phpMyAdmin plugin, you can use plugins mentioned in first episode of this tutorial. Some plugins gives option of incremental backup, which is quicker than taking full backup of a wordpress blog. Some plugins also give option to take backup on cloud directly! I didn't explained usage of other plugins because phpMyAdmin is native to wordpress development.
    Now, next thing you might want to know is how often should you take back up ? right ? Answer is simple, it depends on how often you update your blog. For example, I update my blog every alternate day. So, I take back up every bi-weekly. If you update your blog quite often then you can take backup weekly or daily! And if you are a lazy writer, who updates blog once/twice in a week then you should take backup monthly. To addon, if you are planning to change something in core functionality of wordpress like editing template or adding new plugin then please take backup and proceed. :)
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    Shek, you always make things seem so easy. Great post.
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    I utillised backup buddy and backup at least once a week.
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    Very nice tutorial Shek. We are ready for more if you come back.
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    Great tutorial here. Where is Shek anyways? I have not seen him around in a while.
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    great tutorial!
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    Nice tutorial on how to backup. Everyone really should be doing this!
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    Nice tutorial. ready to read some more.

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